Hello, how are you all?

Although 2016 is over was still the year of matte liquid lipstick and the trend it’s not going anywhere. So, at last I decided to give in and give a go. After a browse in my local drugstore I decided for one from Deborah. It’s not too pricey and the color was just what I was looking for, not too nude and not too pink. I choose the lightest shade, so the only name that the lipstick has is 01. I was really sad to see that there’s no name because I like to see when lipstick has a name.

I tried it out several times. Although almost all makeup companies advise to apply scrub before application I tried that and it doesn’t give the best resault. The best one in my case happens with no lip scrub, lip liner or anything else only lipstick. I only have to apply one coat to achieve full coverage. It dries down in less than 30 seconds perhaps it takes a little more in the corners or the lips. Because it’s a nude color I don’t notice any bleeding or even rubbing off after eating and drinking. It stays on all day and although it does become slightly drying a little, lip balm saves the day. This has become my favorite everyday lip stuff, mostly because I apply it once and then have absolutely no problems during the day plus I know there’s a little color on my lips. Actually I like this one so much i can’t wait to try even more shades, but I think the next one that I will buy will be the one from Trend it up, so expect a review or a haul coming your way very soon. What are your favorite liquid lipsticks?

Have a nice day, Leonida



Yes, with new year come new wishes to get in shape and become healthier. After experiencing a nasty flu at the end of 2016 I decided that it’s only correct to detox and reset my body. My detox is made out of two parts. Diet, that isn’t diet where you count calories, but one where you say far away from sugar and cheese (trying to stay away from white flour as much as I can), and workout. I have decided that even with my crazy school schedule and everything else going on I want to workout 6 times a week. This will or actually is representing my free time and relax after studiying. I swear by Jillian Michaels and her workouts and also Blogilates.

Monday: Jillian Michaels six packs six week- I don’t do the whole workout I only do it half (which takes 20 minutes and means I only repite it once).  Blogilates 10 minutes ab routine.

Tuesday: I have 2 hours of volleyball practice, so I only add 15 minutes of ab routine.

Wednesday: After recovering from very intense practice I only do Jillian Michael’s six packs six weeks- again only once.

Thursday: The hardest workout of the week-Jillian’s cardio kickbox. It only lasts 25 minutes, but it’s super intense and makes you very sore. To add a little ab training to cardio I add 15 of Blogilates ab routine.

Friday: Yes it’s Friday and it’s nice to finally see the weekend, but I still want to squeeze in a routine. I choose the 15 ones form Fitnessblender. One abs and one cardio.

Saturday or Sunday; because it’s the weekend I want to take it easy and not to think about working out so I do whatever sport I want, it can be even just a 30 minute walk with some jumping jacks.


No not all students are broke, but I am and constantly. That’s why I came up with a few rules that I follow and the money situation is slightly easier.

First I look how much do I have and can spend that particular month. Then I write down all the meetings, birthdays and other events that I need money for and then calculate how much I can spend. There’s always back up fond with money, but I only go to this one if I really can’t make it work any other way.

Always look for the good deals. If you are buying a toothpaste and in some other drug store, that it’s slightly further away, have a deal going on (let’s say 2 for 1), use that public transport and get down there. Yes it might take you more time but you will have more to spend it on the things you want.

I would say that this way can work really good if you are a big planner. Perhaps not so much if you don’t. But still it is always useful to see how other people handle their money. This might sound a little short, but truthfully these are my only tips that I have for you. If you ever try and decide to give it a go, and if you have your strategy how to save the most money pleas share it.

Love, Leonida.


I am a student and therefore a big part of my usual day is spend in school. Still I thought you might be interested in how my day goes. All you could see by now were routines and I feel like routines are just too small part of the day to actually get to know a person.

From Monday to Friday I wake up at 6.30. Twice a week I have my classes a little later and I can sleep in and prepare really nice breakfast and slowly enjoying it. But the other three days aren’t like that. After I wake up I dress up, put on the minimal amount of make up and eat breakfast in a hurry. If I have a few minutes to spare I try to tidy the room a bit.  I make my bed and prepare my desk to work in the afternoon. At 7 and a few minutes I head out and walk pretty fast to the bust station, it’s not very far just around 10 minutes or 5 if you walk really fast. It takes quite a bit of time to get to school and normally I arrive to the class just a few minutes before 8 when my lessons start. Not every day I have the same amount of classes. Sometimes it lasts until 3 and some times until 1. I then have my volleyball practice (if it’s the day of the practice) and then go home. When I have the long one I arrive home at 5 and am really tired. Then I make and eat lunch or just eat t if my mom or grandma had cooked it. Then I give myself time to relax and just breathe for at least half an hour. I then continue with my studies if I have an exam approaching or do work for blog. Just before finishing with the study time I plan and write down everything I want to get done the next day.

Because I am quite a morning person I finish with the studies early, at 8 is my maximum. Then I go to the bathroom and have a long, hot shower. I take off my make up and do all the usual things and return to my room. Sometimes I watch something, sometimes I just talk to my family and sometimes I go and visit my grandparents that live very close by. My bed time is usually around half 11 or 11. If have things to do I will set my alarm early and wake up earlier and do the things then.

There you go, my day. Of course not every day is the same but this pretty much sums my days when I have a lot of things in school. How’s your day?

Love, Leonida.


Last week my mom, my grandma and me decided to go to Ikea. We don’t have it in Slovenia but we have two quite near us, so we decided to go to the one in Italy, to which we have been before and we knew the route. We got there very early, as soon as it opened we were inside and it was already busy, I can’t even imagine the amount of people if you go late in the afternoon. I was looking for a few drawers but sadly didn’t find anything. But that’s Ikea you have plenty of things that you can buy, mostly decorations, even if you don’t plan it.

First thing I picked up was this candle. First I was looking at the ones in the glass packaging, but then decided for this one that is much more simple, but the smell is equally good and actually very strong, so I keep it in a drawer during the night. It has this very sweet, vanilla scent that I like during winter. I think it was around 3 euro.


Then we arrived to the plant section. I love plants and they make the loveliest decoration, but somehow the plants just die in my room. I have tried everything and there are two or three that are going strong, but still I saw these and grabbed them very quickly. To put them in nice vases or whatever those things are called I picked up this metal one that it’s bigger than the white one. The white one has a little decoration on it and it’s not just plain.


The already mentioned 3d cases as I called these were mentioned in the favorites and another post. Now they don’t sit on the drawer anymore and are hanging on the wall. The fact that it took 3 hours to put them there made think twice the next time I decide to buy something bigger from Ikea. Anyway these are lovely as decoration and fill the space nicely.


This photo frame was a bit of a miss. It is too big for this picture, but I am going to use it until I find a nicer one. It wasn’t too expensive, but the glass isn’t real and it is some sort of foil and I tared it apart by accident.


The last one is this nice wrapping paper. I know Christmas and other celebrations are far away, but I picked this up so no one in my family will recognize the paper from the local shop and will know it’s mine. It was 2 eur so not expensive and looks really nice and festive.



Cooking is my big passion and in the winter time I love baking. The sweet scents and cozy blankets and perfect dessert and that’s for me winter evening. One of the quickest and easiest recipes is this one, for chocolate cookies.

The ingredients:

300g of chocolate

115g of butter

2 eggs

120g of sugar

25g of cocoa powder

40g of flour

1 small spoon of baking powder


The preparation

  1. Cut one quarter of all chocolate in small pieces and put it on the side. The rest of chocolate melt together with butter. After the mixture is melted put it aside and leave for a few minutes to cool down.
  2. In another bowl mix two eggs and sugar. It’s best to do it with electric mixer. While stirring we ad the cooled chocolate and butter paste. Then we put in the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder. The final step is to put in the small pieces of chocolate, mix it for the last time and put it on a tray. The cookies will become bigger, so don’t make them too big. And leave some 5 cm of space in between. Set the oven to 160 degrees celsius.
  3. Bake the cookies for 15 minutes. After they are done they crack a little on the top, so don’t worry that you made a mistake.
  4. The final result are sweet, crunchy cookies on the outside and soft on the inside. Oh and there are pieces of chocolate in it. Pure heaven.




Hi again, I was going to HM so much this fall and I think they have the most incredible pieces this fall. Although the most pieces that I like are slightly over the price range that HM usually has. Anyway, I bought a few things there and probably the most important purchase of the season: new coat that really isn’t a coat, but more of a parka style but more sophisticated.

1.Cream turtle neck

This was already featured in the October favorites and still going strong and it is still one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe.It quite thin which I think it’s perfect for transitional time and then can be used as a layering piece in the colder months. It has nice texture, almost ribbed but because it’s so thin you don’t really notice the texture. The turtle neck isn’t too high and doesn’t cut your neck in half. At the price 10 euro I think this might be the best catch of the season. The one on the right.


2.Beige jumper

This one is again not to thick so I can still layer it, but it is thicker then the cream turtle neck. It is shaped slightly boxy, but I like that I think it’s almost flattering on me. The neckline is very high, but doesn’t go in the form of turtleneck. I wore it a lot since I got it and I wish I could buy another one, perhaps in different color. It looks quite sophisticated and therefore is my go to jumper when I need to be a bit more dressy.


3.Grey turtle neck

Yes my first ever turtle neck. It is very thick and long and over sized, which might sound like just a piece that is generally too big for me, but something in this style is so comfortable and winter is the season to go comfortable. It was 30 euro, so not really cheap, but if I will wear it a lot and have it for a long time it can be completely worth it.


4.Promod parka

I was in desperate need of warmer parka and found this one fairly quickly. One day I was browsing Promod and found this one that seemed really warm, but also a bit more grown up than all the HM ones. The next time I went there I tried it on and pick it up. I have it in the size 38 and it is slightly too big for me, but the 36 one was just too restrictive in the shoulders section. This was definitely the priciest purchase of the year at 100 euro. But like I said before I will have it for a long time and I believe that will come in very handy (after all we have winter or at least low temperatures almost 5 or 6 months) and it looks very high quality so I think it was the right decision to buy it.




The month of December is getting close and so do all the parties that come along. I know it might seem a little early and perhaps excessive to think about them right now, but I think it’s completely worth it. I have come up with four categories and now I will tell you how I’ll prepare in each one.

  1. TAKING CARE OF SKIN My skin has been such a crap recently and now why. I just can’t stop picking it and also the amounts of junk food don’t help, but more of that in other category. What was saving me was my regime. I started with taking my make up off with the Garnier Micellar Water, which takes off make up super fast and it’s very simple to use. After that I put on the Olive Secret peeling on a still slightly wet face. I put quite big amount and leave it on my face for about 10 minutes. After that time I apply more water and gently wrince the beads that are in the peeling over my face. Then I wash it off. If I feel like going full force, I put on the CV peeling on, but this I leave only for 2 minutes. It has a consistency of yogurt and small beads in it, but I feel like they don’t do much. After washing it off my skin feels like new. Again, depends how full on I am going that day I choose from Pink Clay mask by Apivita, that cleans the pores and skin a bit more or the Apivita Moisturize mask. fter everything I put on jojoba oil and leave it soothe the skin.


For this month I have decided that I will eat more healthy. The food that we eat affects our skin a lot and I know that my skin gets a lot better and clearer when I am more careful about what I eat. For this month I decided to cut all the sugar, no more chocolates and all sorts of candy. And like that isn’t hard enough (I love chocolate and that will be hard) I will also try to avoid cheese. For some reason I can eat all dairy products but cheese without messing my skin. At the end of November I will do a full blog post about how my month and more healthy eating went.


I recently started practicing volleyball again and I am loving it. I wish I had it more than just once a week, but even that means a lot to me. Besides that I decided to work out at least three times a week, idealy five. I have a schedule when and which workouts I will do. I am a big planner and this way I do more things.


My hair grew so much over the summer and I love the way it looks. I feel like I haven’t had long hair in so long. But I have a few split ends and it’s time to start thinking about chop. Not anything big, but just a few cm to make the hair stronger. Besides that I do my hair masks as often as I can or as often as I remember. I have some that I can make at home and those little travel sized from Loreal. The actually work which has surprised me a lot.


Hello, here comes me again with my monthly goals. I think that I will be more successful if I write them down here and then reflect how everything went at the end of the month.

  1. FINANCIAL LOCK DOWN            In the past two months I used up so much money for all small and not very important bits and I know that I will continue this way if I don’t restrict myself and come up with a plan. No more random coffees and expensive food. Even if it was once a week it ruined my financial stability completely. Also now I have enough clothes to survive the first months of colder weather therefore no more fashion purchases. Actually I made a list of things that I need to buy and that’s all I am going to buy.  A bit hard but I hope that this will help me and my balance at the bank.
  2. WORKOUT                                          Like I said in a few previous posts I want to workout more and more regularly this month. I will feel better and be much more stronger and that’s something I want for a long time.
  3. MORE DEDICATION TO SCHOOL        I am not happy with my grades at the moment and I know that I need to dedicate more time to school. November is definitely the busiest month and it will be hard to keep up with all the things that I will have to do, but better planning and more time should help.
  4. GETTING MY EARS PIERCED        For a long time now I am thinking of getting my ears pierced for the second time. Then I could have two earrings on one ear and this looks insanely cool to me. I imagine how this would jazz up any outfit and give a interesting vibe. The only thing I am not sure is whether go for two holes on one ear and two on the other or rather two on one and three on the other. If you have any recommendation please leave them down in the comment section. I would be very grateful.


Hi, the month of October just passed by. It was so quick. I think this time we didn’t get the proper autumn yet and will experienced it in November or just not have it. The first half of the month was really warm with a few days that were cold. The second half was rainy, but not really cold, think around 15 degrees or more. In one month you do accumulate a lot of things that are today marked as my favorites. Do you want to see them? Keep reading.


Although we went to Ikea at the end of the month I still think that this can count as my favorites. I bought these two cases which I will  hang on the wall and put in small, decorative pieces. So far they are still sitting on my small closet and I am really happy with how they look. The price wasn’t so bad: 15 eur each. So I would say if you are looking for a thing that will break the space and add a little bit of dimension this is the thing to go.




This top with a very low turtle neck, probably that has some other name, but I don’t know it, was the top this month. Each time I had to be ready in 5 minutes I grabbed this one and paired it with black skinny jeans or some dark denim pants. It is quite relaxed fit, but has tighter arm section which somehow makes it look really nice and flattering. The color is a mix between nude and beige and goes nice with my hair. The price is good, at 10 eur. I would love to own it in more colors, but I think HM doesn’t stock it anymore.





Oh yes. The lovely Milka chocolate with caramel is my favorite thing in the world. At least food wise. But pairing it with chunks of peanuts and what I think it is peanut butter is just heavenly. It’s very rich in texture and flavor and I’d say it is the perfect winter chocolate.





I got it in the end of summer as a birthday present. I was familiar with the company, Oriflame, but never tried anything from them before. This lip balm comes in very tiny, but super cute packaging. Mine is in Blackcurrant and it’s supposed to be extra tender and provide extra care. Hence the name Oriflame Tender Care Blackcurrant Protecting Balm. It’s quite thick and you don’t need it a lot. Small portion does the job really well. I was wearing it paired with lip liners that are too drying on it’s own and it worked perfectly.