let’s talk again after what has probably been two weeks or so. In the late October the school stuff was really starting to gather up and I had to dedicate quite some time for it. Sadly not enough as some of my results are much worst than I expected. So in the future I have to plan more and better and be more motivated to do school work and have more productive days. Hopefully during these free days I will do enough to have time to do school work and other stuff in November.

Now that I have explained why I didn’t post, we can move on. The post will be coming to you five times a week in November. Expect a lot of Christmas related stuff, diy gifts and hauls.

See you soon, X Leonida.



Hey, for the new season ahead of us all the big cosmetic companies are bringing new products. Recently I hadn’t had an opportunity to hit the stores, so I just looked online and found a few things that look interesting. I will share them with you today and will try to try them as soon as possible.

  1. Kiko Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in 316 Vintage Rose

This lipstick is matte which might not sound the best for colder days when lips get chapped even faster than usual, but with nice lip balm under this one can be worn everyday. It is this lovely nude with a hint of rose color, just enough to give lips some color. I think this one would be great for the days when you wear minimal make up or just try to focus on the eyes.




2. Kiko Unlimited Stylo in 07 Cherry Red

This is another Kiko pick, but this time in a bit more festive color. It’s not a proper lipstick but more of a mix between lipstick and lip balm. I personally would wear it for special occasion or with full make up.

Unlimited Stylo 07

Unlimited Stylo 07


3. L.O.V. Cosmetics Nail Polishes in 230 Bold Burgundy and in 320 Revealing Redwood

One in everyday color and one in bolder color. You might not have heard of this brand as it’s almost brand new, but they have really nice shades, the design is beautiful and the prices are decent. I will be buying one of these shades in near future as currently I don’t have any nail polish and would really like to start wearing it.

4. Zoeva Graphic Eyes Myth

This is a very nice, festive eyeliner and would go great with dark, smoky eyes. Also, the light color will open up the eyes and create a day time appropriate look with a bit of something special. I don’t know how long these stay on, so if you have ever tried one I would really appreciate if you would tell me.



5. Rimmel Instant Buildable Iluminator and Highlighter

This is a new highlighter from Rimmel. I like it because it’s in liquid form and in the autumn when my skin becomes a bit dry I like to use liquid products instead of powder. Also, the skin can get dull and highlighter will come in handy on those days.



6. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hours foundation with Comfort Serum

I am on the hunt for a new foundation as my current one is in a wrong shade for me and it’ too patchy. The words comfort serum intrigued me because as I have said before my skin get dry.



7. Inglot AMC Lip Paint in 60

If I understood the description of this product correctly this is like a lipstick in gel formula. The whole thing sound extremely interesting and more appropriate for cold months. I picked this brown-orange color so I can wear it every day, but it’s not classic rosy shade to mix things up.



8. L’oreal Mega Volume Miss Hippie Mascara

My lashes are fine, but they aren’t the longest. I choose this mascara as it has nice reviews on line and creates mega lashes. In autumn and winter I like wearing more make up and bolder one and with all parties going on this one is sure a right pick.



These are my picks, as I have said before if you did try any of these, please write your opinion in the comment section. This would me really helpful for me, so I will try just the best products. Thanks a lot. Leonida X.


Whenever I feel like I want to relax I head straight to youtube. It’s more relaxing than TV and therefore I usually watch it just before going to bed or on the weekends when I have a bit more time. I mainly watch beauty gurus (I desperately need and want to improve my make up skills) and travel vloggers.


At first I didn’t like her videos because she isn’t very girly and doesn’t like fashion or clothes. Now I love watching her vlogs, keeping up with her family and everything else.She is very real and shares everything, also her struggles.  I know she puts a lot of time and effort in every video and I really notice that.  I would say watch her if you want something more than just pretty make up tutorials.



Formerly known as Viviannadoesmakeup. Although she is also mainly a beauty youtuber I prefer her lifestyle videos. Especially the ones related to fitness and she represents a great motivation and inspiration. Also, add her on snapchat to see all funny behind the scenes.



I found her channel not long ago. I am still not sure if I love her regular videos, but I know I love her vlogs. Usually they are very long and she shows much more than just herself. She is also a fellow perfume lover and I love following her advice to try new perfumes.



A gorgeous beauty youtuber that I watch and obsess over all the time. She does amazing eyeliner and so I would highly recommend you her tutorials and skin care review as she puts a lot of effort and time to it. Most of the time she uses drugstore products and that is amazing because I can find them easily.



The cutest Australian pair that travels all over the world. They used to do daily vlog, but recently they changed their schedule and now it’s slightly different. They regularly show the beauty of Australia and with that weather going on I just want to move there.


We are well in the autumn time and I still don’t have all the right clothes in my wardrobe. Here are my 10 pieces that will help me to get dressed quicker and more apropriate in the morning.


A no brainer in the cold we are experiencing these days (only 2 or 3 degrees in the morning). I like to have patterned and plain jumpers and that helps me create an outfit that isn’t too basic or boring. Also have a few chunkier and warmer, but also some that are thinner.




I am referring to high neck tees that I am starting to love. Currently I only have one, but I love it (only 10 euro from H&M) and therefore I am planning to get more. I like how simple they are for layering and look good with everything.




Light tees are very usable even in colder months. I like to put them under thinner jumpers or warm cardigans. It instantly adds a more casual vibe. Also I feel like the outfit is the most perfect and complete when there’s a collar of a nice shirt peeking from under jumper.



Whenever I don’t know what to put on the combo of tee and cardigan works great. I still want to get a plain one as I only have a very strong patterned one. I like to make my outfits more interesting with adding a layer or a pattern, because I tend to wear mostly black jeans on the bottom half.




That are slightly warmer so you don’t freeze when walking home or if you are having pre drinks somewhere outside.



In my collection I do have some jumpers that are slightly sheer and I have to wear something underneath to keep me warm and to prevent showing my underwear. I prefer to choose tank top than just plain tee, because it has a more close fit and doesn’t ruin the shape of jumper.



Like coats, leather jackets and waterproof jackets. The clothes in which you’ll spend the most time during colder weather and therefore choose wisely and don’t be afraid to pay a little more if that means you’ll get better quality.



Or anything that will keep you warm really. If you don’t have these things go and invest and you will be very grateful to me, because your hands or ears won’t be freezing anymore.


I love my boots and this time of the year is perfect for wearing them. I am still on the hunt for perfect knee high ones, but I do have the other ones. I was actually wondering what do you wear during autumn and especially winter if you don’t like boots?



In this category go all sweaters that aren’t nice enough to wear in public and too big and just so comfortable sweatpants. I change in my pair as soon as I get home and there’s no better feeling than being warm and cozy.


What are your essentials? Love, Leonida.


This post is going to be all about travelling. The past week I posted a post with cheapest and good priced tickets. Today I will share the destinations that I think are perfect for a fall getaway.

  1. Tuscany. The red and brown leaves on the floor and the sun that isn’t crazy hot, but warm enough that you don’t need a thick coat? Yes this is Tuscany. The area of Italy is incredibly popular and always full with tourists, but in the fall the crowds become less big and it’s not too cold or too warm and also the prices go down a bit. There’s so much to explore in the region of Tuscany that you can’t go wrong if you pick a town and just start exploring and driving around in the car.
  2. South of Spain and Canary Islands. Europe is heading in the colder months and a bit of sun is always good. In this time of the year the sun is still strong down there and if you didn’t have the time to jump on a quick vacation in the summer then these two regions are for you. You can still swim and do all the activities that you can do in summer.
  3. Amsterdam. This is a huge and very, very popular city that is always full of crowds. However the autumn brings the students that give the special vibe to the city and with that the party begins. The temperatures are mild and appropriate for those that aren’t prepared to freeze just yet.
  4. Moscow. I want to explore that part of Europe and I know that in the winter time the temperatures can drop very low. I would like to visit the city in late October or early November when the cold (hopefully) isn’t that strong. The only thing is the lighting. It gets dark pretty fast, so start exploring early and tuck in when the dark starts to fall.
  5. Copenhagen. The beautiful Danish city that reminds me a little on Amsterdam. I know quite a few people that visited the city and are in love with it. Again I choose autumn time because it’s still north and can get cold.

What do you say? Do you like my list or would change or add your own destination?



I often see these collection videos on youtube and I like them a lot. So, I decided I will do one as well. This is my winter/autumn collection of shoes. There are a few types of shoes that I still need, but I hadn’t had the time to go in the shops and pick them.



These are my slip ons. I like to wear them with a bit more smart outfit because they add the casual factor. these are from Vagabond and were around 80 euro and are one of the most expensive shoes in my collection.



The classic chelsea boot style, but with a little bit of heel. These are my first pair of day heels and are from H&M. I wanted to give this type of shoe a go and now I am on the hunt for some more quality shoes in this style. These were 30 euro.



My apologies for the dirty shoes, but I just wore these to a party that took place outside. These are my favorite boots, with the most comfortable heel and are very light. I like to wear these in autumn, when it’s a little more warm. They are from Esprit and are in suede material.



Another boots, you notice what I like? These are my relaxed boots, I just slip in these and are seriously comfy. They are suede so I have to be careful with the weather. Sadly I don’t know the brand they are from, but perhaps Funky Shoes have something like tihs.



My old Adidas trainers. I desperately need new ones, but I seem to never find good ones in store, so I am still using these for any sporty activity.



If the gray boots are for autumn, these are for winter. They are padded and therefore more warm. If there’s no rain or snow I wear them all winter long. Because they are black they go with everything. Again, I don’t know where are they from, but this style is very big and I am sure you can find similar in almost any shoe store.



Hardcore winter boots. Padded with fake fur are great for cold winter days. They might not be the most beautiful looking, but I still wear them, They are from S.Oliver and were around 50 euro.



Lastly, another heeled boots. The heel is slightly lower which makes them more comfortable. Also, they have a light padding so are a bit more winter appropriate.


Good morning,

today I will share with you my finds. Recently I was searching cheap flights to actually anywhere and found these ones. The dates are for when in my country we have vacations and a few nation holidays, meaning on free days. It’s from 28 of October to 5 of November.

Venice Marco Polo-Prague (27.10.-3.11)

Prague is very popular and all the old towns are the most beautiful (in my opinion) in autumn. The days are a little shorter, but you can always hide from darkness and cold in a nice pub or restaurant. I think five days is more than enough for Prague and the prices aren’t too bad. The link: http://www.easyjet.com/EN/Booking.mvc



Venice Marco Polo-Amsterdam (26.10.-30.10)

Again, another popular city that isn’t super crowded in the fall. The temperatures are higher than in continnential Europe so that’s perfect for exploring. You can spend the entire day outside and won’t freeze. The link: http://www.easyjet.com/EN/Booking.mvc



Venice Marco Polo-London Stansted (2.11.-5.11)

The price of these ticket is very low and so I think it’s worth going even if only for 3 days. The link: https://www.ryanair.com/ie/en/booking/home/TSF/STN/2016-11-02/2016-11-05/1/0/0/0



Venice Marco Polo-Copenhagen (25.10.-29.10)

The price for these flights is a bit higher, meaning it goes past 100 euro, for round trip, but it’s worth it. Copenhagen is beautiful and it’s fall and so it isn’t so cold as it is in the winter time. The link: http://www.easyjet.com/EN/Booking.mvc






My love for Instagram is big and I love finding nice and good profiles. This month I am doing the so called top 5 category and in it goes all the social media: the blogs, instagram and youtube. I am getting back to loving jewelry, especially dainty rings, and I found some great brands that offer amazing rings for a good price.

  1. Gramercidesign (https://www.instagram.com/gramercidesign/)
  2. Finerrings  (https://www.instagram.com/finerrings/)
  3. Rue Gembon  (https://www.instagram.com/ruegembon/)
  4. Halojewelry (https://www.instagram.com/halojewelry/)
  5. Alia Details (http://www.aliadetails.com/)




Oh, autumn is here and with all lovely colored leaves comes the cold in the morning and nice, warm temperatures in the afternoon. To properly face the weather you have to dress right. Layering isn’t only winter thing, when you want to be as warm as possible, but comes in handy in autumn as well. My top tips how to layer and dress up or down in this time of the year are written down below.

  1. Flannels. One of the most comfortable things to wear is also great for layering. You can wear them open as light cardigan and a plain T-shirt to create that casual look. be careful how you paired it, avoid any patterns and do not mix it with checkered scarf, that just screams skateboarder from 2009. The second way to wear it tied around the waist or hips whatever you like more. This immediately create more effect.
  2. Vest or any layer really. For instance light jacket or cardigans. Anything that varies is length of sleeves. You will create addition layer without being too hot or cold.
  3. Different length. As the cold weather strikes we put on thick or not so thick jumpers and to avoid wearing plain look aka jumper and jeans, I like to add a light shirt or blouse under jumper, but I like it to be longer than jumper. I really like the combo and it’s even nicer if the shirt has than classic collar, that adds a bit more smarter touch.
  4. Unbutton or unzip the jacket. Show what you are wearing under the top layer and jazz the outfit up. If it’s just too cold then throw on a scarf and zip the jacket. Whenever you are buying scarves be careful and think which color will go with most of your jackets. Also, have a few plain ones and one or two patterned.
  5. Jewelry. When everything fails and you have absolutely no time (been there many times, believe me) layering might be too complicated and the outfit can look wrong. For those situation I opt for adding jewelry or some other accessory. Layering rings is quick and you just can’t go wrong and it will pull the outfit together and make the outfit more interesting and put together.


Hello, For a while now I am planning a quick trip to Rome. Famous Italian cities can get pricey pretty fast, so did some digging and found very good offers.

First is transportation. I am based in Slovenia and usually don’t fly directly from Ljubljana airport. Probably there are a few flights to Rome, but for me are well over priced. We are talking 100 or even more euros for a one way ticket. Therefore I usually check some nearby train stations or airports. This time I found a train that goes directly, if I may add, from Trieste (about an hour and a half away from Ljubljana) to Rome for 20 euro. It takes around 5 hours, less if you decide to buy a ticket for Red Arrow (FrecciaRossa). It will be pricier. 20 euro sounds amazing, only if you don’t find a better deal. Budget traveler will go for the cheapest option, even if it’s not the comfiest. So I found a 10 euro (I know crazy) bus ticket to Rome, again leaving from Trieste. Ten hours on the bus might sound bad and dreadful, but not so much if you choose an over night bus and been on the bus for 24 hours straight.


Now we arrived to Rome and are looking for a place to stay. I was planning for a group of four and renting the apartment is far cheaper then staying in a hotel. Avoid renting those very near the city monuments because they will be much more expensive. The cheapest I found was around 80 euro per night and could host all four. All main Rome monuments are very close and you can walk to them in no time. So we will skip paying for public transportation. I like to walk, I like to feel the vibe and see things. Walking is my thing.


Most of Rome monuments are free of entry and are usually seen on the outside only. Of course there are Colosseum, Pantheon, The Vatican and other that you have to pay in order to get in, but if you are a student like myself, take your school certificate with you and the price of ticket will decrease immediately. The most expensive monuments are museums. The entry can go up to 15 euro (Borghese gallery). I am not a huge fan of museums and didn’t count them in our final price.


Food. Yes Italy is the place to eat your favorite meals: pizza, pasta and gelatto. You can spend big bucks for food, but if you are more careful you can find some true gems hidden in small allies. We counted and approximately 15 to 20 euro is enough for a good meal. Since we are staying in the apartment with fully functioning kitchen we will also cook alone and spend even less money.



And this is my Rome on budget. I believe that you can find great deals in every city, you just have to be creative and search outside the given. Are you interested in final price for 4 nights in Rome? No more than 150 euro. You think I am kidding? I am not. If you want some lings for the things I mentioned above, write in the comment section and I will give them right away. Have a nice day.