No not all students are broke, but I am and constantly. That’s why I came up with a few rules that I follow and the money situation is slightly easier.

First I look how much do I have and can spend that particular month. Then I write down all the meetings, birthdays and other events that I need money for and then calculate how much I can spend. There’s always back up fond with money, but I only go to this one if I really can’t make it work any other way.

Always look for the good deals. If you are buying a toothpaste and in some other drug store, that it’s slightly further away, have a deal going on (let’s say 2 for 1), use that public transport and get down there. Yes it might take you more time but you will have more to spend it on the things you want.

I would say that this way can work really good if you are a big planner. Perhaps not so much if you don’t. But still it is always useful to see how other people handle their money. This might sound a little short, but truthfully these are my only tips that I have for you. If you ever try and decide to give it a go, and if you have your strategy how to save the most money pleas share it.

Love, Leonida.


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