Last week my mom, my grandma and me decided to go to Ikea. We don’t have it in Slovenia but we have two quite near us, so we decided to go to the one in Italy, to which we have been before and we knew the route. We got there very early, as soon as it opened we were inside and it was already busy, I can’t even imagine the amount of people if you go late in the afternoon. I was looking for a few drawers but sadly didn’t find anything. But that’s Ikea you have plenty of things that you can buy, mostly decorations, even if you don’t plan it.

First thing I picked up was this candle. First I was looking at the ones in the glass packaging, but then decided for this one that is much more simple, but the smell is equally good and actually very strong, so I keep it in a drawer during the night. It has this very sweet, vanilla scent that I like during winter. I think it was around 3 euro.


Then we arrived to the plant section. I love plants and they make the loveliest decoration, but somehow the plants just die in my room. I have tried everything and there are two or three that are going strong, but still I saw these and grabbed them very quickly. To put them in nice vases or whatever those things are called I picked up this metal one that it’s bigger than the white one. The white one has a little decoration on it and it’s not just plain.


The already mentioned 3d cases as I called these were mentioned in the favorites and another post. Now they don’t sit on the drawer anymore and are hanging on the wall. The fact that it took 3 hours to put them there made think twice the next time I decide to buy something bigger from Ikea. Anyway these are lovely as decoration and fill the space nicely.


This photo frame was a bit of a miss. It is too big for this picture, but I am going to use it until I find a nicer one. It wasn’t too expensive, but the glass isn’t real and it is some sort of foil and I tared it apart by accident.


The last one is this nice wrapping paper. I know Christmas and other celebrations are far away, but I picked this up so no one in my family will recognize the paper from the local shop and will know it’s mine. It was 2 eur so not expensive and looks really nice and festive.



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