The month of December is getting close and so do all the parties that come along. I know it might seem a little early and perhaps excessive to think about them right now, but I think it’s completely worth it. I have come up with four categories and now I will tell you how I’ll prepare in each one.

  1. TAKING CARE OF SKIN My skin has been such a crap recently and now why. I just can’t stop picking it and also the amounts of junk food don’t help, but more of that in other category. What was saving me was my regime. I started with taking my make up off with the Garnier Micellar Water, which takes off make up super fast and it’s very simple to use. After that I put on the Olive Secret peeling on a still slightly wet face. I put quite big amount and leave it on my face for about 10 minutes. After that time I apply more water and gently wrince the beads that are in the peeling over my face. Then I wash it off. If I feel like going full force, I put on the CV peeling on, but this I leave only for 2 minutes. It has a consistency of yogurt and small beads in it, but I feel like they don’t do much. After washing it off my skin feels like new. Again, depends how full on I am going that day I choose from Pink Clay mask by Apivita, that cleans the pores and skin a bit more or the Apivita Moisturize mask. fter everything I put on jojoba oil and leave it soothe the skin.


For this month I have decided that I will eat more healthy. The food that we eat affects our skin a lot and I know that my skin gets a lot better and clearer when I am more careful about what I eat. For this month I decided to cut all the sugar, no more chocolates and all sorts of candy. And like that isn’t hard enough (I love chocolate and that will be hard) I will also try to avoid cheese. For some reason I can eat all dairy products but cheese without messing my skin. At the end of November I will do a full blog post about how my month and more healthy eating went.


I recently started practicing volleyball again and I am loving it. I wish I had it more than just once a week, but even that means a lot to me. Besides that I decided to work out at least three times a week, idealy five. I have a schedule when and which workouts I will do. I am a big planner and this way I do more things.


My hair grew so much over the summer and I love the way it looks. I feel like I haven’t had long hair in so long. But I have a few split ends and it’s time to start thinking about chop. Not anything big, but just a few cm to make the hair stronger. Besides that I do my hair masks as often as I can or as often as I remember. I have some that I can make at home and those little travel sized from Loreal. The actually work which has surprised me a lot.


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