Hello, how are you all?

Although 2016 is over was still the year of matte liquid lipstick and the trend it’s not going anywhere. So, at last I decided to give in and give a go. After a browse in my local drugstore I decided for one from Deborah. It’s not too pricey and the color was just what I was looking for, not too nude and not too pink. I choose the lightest shade, so the only name that the lipstick has is 01. I was really sad to see that there’s no name because I like to see when lipstick has a name.

I tried it out several times. Although almost all makeup companies advise to apply scrub before application I tried that and it doesn’t give the best resault. The best one in my case happens with no lip scrub, lip liner or anything else only lipstick. I only have to apply one coat to achieve full coverage. It dries down in less than 30 seconds perhaps it takes a little more in the corners or the lips. Because it’s a nude color I don’t notice any bleeding or even rubbing off after eating and drinking. It stays on all day and although it does become slightly drying a little, lip balm saves the day. This has become my favorite everyday lip stuff, mostly because I apply it once and then have absolutely no problems during the day plus I know there’s a little color on my lips. Actually I like this one so much i can’t wait to try even more shades, but I think the next one that I will buy will be the one from Trend it up, so expect a review or a haul coming your way very soon. What are your favorite liquid lipsticks?

Have a nice day, Leonida


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