I am a student and therefore a big part of my usual day is spend in school. Still I thought you might be interested in how my day goes. All you could see by now were routines and I feel like routines are just too small part of the day to actually get to know a person.

From Monday to Friday I wake up at 6.30. Twice a week I have my classes a little later and I can sleep in and prepare really nice breakfast and slowly enjoying it. But the other three days aren’t like that. After I wake up I dress up, put on the minimal amount of make up and eat breakfast in a hurry. If I have a few minutes to spare I try to tidy the room a bit.  I make my bed and prepare my desk to work in the afternoon. At 7 and a few minutes I head out and walk pretty fast to the bust station, it’s not very far just around 10 minutes or 5 if you walk really fast. It takes quite a bit of time to get to school and normally I arrive to the class just a few minutes before 8 when my lessons start. Not every day I have the same amount of classes. Sometimes it lasts until 3 and some times until 1. I then have my volleyball practice (if it’s the day of the practice) and then go home. When I have the long one I arrive home at 5 and am really tired. Then I make and eat lunch or just eat t if my mom or grandma had cooked it. Then I give myself time to relax and just breathe for at least half an hour. I then continue with my studies if I have an exam approaching or do work for blog. Just before finishing with the study time I plan and write down everything I want to get done the next day.

Because I am quite a morning person I finish with the studies early, at 8 is my maximum. Then I go to the bathroom and have a long, hot shower. I take off my make up and do all the usual things and return to my room. Sometimes I watch something, sometimes I just talk to my family and sometimes I go and visit my grandparents that live very close by. My bed time is usually around half 11 or 11. If have things to do I will set my alarm early and wake up earlier and do the things then.

There you go, my day. Of course not every day is the same but this pretty much sums my days when I have a lot of things in school. How’s your day?

Love, Leonida.


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