Hi, the month of October just passed by. It was so quick. I think this time we didn’t get the proper autumn yet and will experienced it in November or just not have it. The first half of the month was really warm with a few days that were cold. The second half was rainy, but not really cold, think around 15 degrees or more. In one month you do accumulate a lot of things that are today marked as my favorites. Do you want to see them? Keep reading.


Although we went to Ikea at the end of the month I still think that this can count as my favorites. I bought these two cases which I will  hang on the wall and put in small, decorative pieces. So far they are still sitting on my small closet and I am really happy with how they look. The price wasn’t so bad: 15 eur each. So I would say if you are looking for a thing that will break the space and add a little bit of dimension this is the thing to go.




This top with a very low turtle neck, probably that has some other name, but I don’t know it, was the top this month. Each time I had to be ready in 5 minutes I grabbed this one and paired it with black skinny jeans or some dark denim pants. It is quite relaxed fit, but has tighter arm section which somehow makes it look really nice and flattering. The color is a mix between nude and beige and goes nice with my hair. The price is good, at 10 eur. I would love to own it in more colors, but I think HM doesn’t stock it anymore.





Oh yes. The lovely Milka chocolate with caramel is my favorite thing in the world. At least food wise. But pairing it with chunks of peanuts and what I think it is peanut butter is just heavenly. It’s very rich in texture and flavor and I’d say it is the perfect winter chocolate.





I got it in the end of summer as a birthday present. I was familiar with the company, Oriflame, but never tried anything from them before. This lip balm comes in very tiny, but super cute packaging. Mine is in Blackcurrant and it’s supposed to be extra tender and provide extra care. Hence the name Oriflame Tender Care Blackcurrant Protecting Balm. It’s quite thick and you don’t need it a lot. Small portion does the job really well. I was wearing it paired with lip liners that are too drying on it’s own and it worked perfectly.


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