Hi again, I was going to HM so much this fall and I think they have the most incredible pieces this fall. Although the most pieces that I like are slightly over the price range that HM usually has. Anyway, I bought a few things there and probably the most important purchase of the season: new coat that really isn’t a coat, but more of a parka style but more sophisticated.

1.Cream turtle neck

This was already featured in the October favorites and still going strong and it is still one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe.It quite thin which I think it’s perfect for transitional time and then can be used as a layering piece in the colder months. It has nice texture, almost ribbed but because it’s so thin you don’t really notice the texture. The turtle neck isn’t too high and doesn’t cut your neck in half. At the price 10 euro I think this might be the best catch of the season. The one on the right.


2.Beige jumper

This one is again not to thick so I can still layer it, but it is thicker then the cream turtle neck. It is shaped slightly boxy, but I like that I think it’s almost flattering on me. The neckline is very high, but doesn’t go in the form of turtleneck. I wore it a lot since I got it and I wish I could buy another one, perhaps in different color. It looks quite sophisticated and therefore is my go to jumper when I need to be a bit more dressy.


3.Grey turtle neck

Yes my first ever turtle neck. It is very thick and long and over sized, which might sound like just a piece that is generally too big for me, but something in this style is so comfortable and winter is the season to go comfortable. It was 30 euro, so not really cheap, but if I will wear it a lot and have it for a long time it can be completely worth it.


4.Promod parka

I was in desperate need of warmer parka and found this one fairly quickly. One day I was browsing Promod and found this one that seemed really warm, but also a bit more grown up than all the HM ones. The next time I went there I tried it on and pick it up. I have it in the size 38 and it is slightly too big for me, but the 36 one was just too restrictive in the shoulders section. This was definitely the priciest purchase of the year at 100 euro. But like I said before I will have it for a long time and I believe that will come in very handy (after all we have winter or at least low temperatures almost 5 or 6 months) and it looks very high quality so I think it was the right decision to buy it.




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