Hey, for the new season ahead of us all the big cosmetic companies are bringing new products. Recently I hadn’t had an opportunity to hit the stores, so I just looked online and found a few things that look interesting. I will share them with you today and will try to try them as soon as possible.

  1. Kiko Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in 316 Vintage Rose

This lipstick is matte which might not sound the best for colder days when lips get chapped even faster than usual, but with nice lip balm under this one can be worn everyday. It is this lovely nude with a hint of rose color, just enough to give lips some color. I think this one would be great for the days when you wear minimal make up or just try to focus on the eyes.




2. Kiko Unlimited Stylo in 07 Cherry Red

This is another Kiko pick, but this time in a bit more festive color. It’s not a proper lipstick but more of a mix between lipstick and lip balm. I personally would wear it for special occasion or with full make up.

Unlimited Stylo 07

Unlimited Stylo 07


3. L.O.V. Cosmetics Nail Polishes in 230 Bold Burgundy and in 320 Revealing Redwood

One in everyday color and one in bolder color. You might not have heard of this brand as it’s almost brand new, but they have really nice shades, the design is beautiful and the prices are decent. I will be buying one of these shades in near future as currently I don’t have any nail polish and would really like to start wearing it.

4. Zoeva Graphic Eyes Myth

This is a very nice, festive eyeliner and would go great with dark, smoky eyes. Also, the light color will open up the eyes and create a day time appropriate look with a bit of something special. I don’t know how long these stay on, so if you have ever tried one I would really appreciate if you would tell me.



5. Rimmel Instant Buildable Iluminator and Highlighter

This is a new highlighter from Rimmel. I like it because it’s in liquid form and in the autumn when my skin becomes a bit dry I like to use liquid products instead of powder. Also, the skin can get dull and highlighter will come in handy on those days.



6. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hours foundation with Comfort Serum

I am on the hunt for a new foundation as my current one is in a wrong shade for me and it’ too patchy. The words comfort serum intrigued me because as I have said before my skin get dry.



7. Inglot AMC Lip Paint in 60

If I understood the description of this product correctly this is like a lipstick in gel formula. The whole thing sound extremely interesting and more appropriate for cold months. I picked this brown-orange color so I can wear it every day, but it’s not classic rosy shade to mix things up.



8. L’oreal Mega Volume Miss Hippie Mascara

My lashes are fine, but they aren’t the longest. I choose this mascara as it has nice reviews on line and creates mega lashes. In autumn and winter I like wearing more make up and bolder one and with all parties going on this one is sure a right pick.



These are my picks, as I have said before if you did try any of these, please write your opinion in the comment section. This would me really helpful for me, so I will try just the best products. Thanks a lot. Leonida X.


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