Whenever I feel like I want to relax I head straight to youtube. It’s more relaxing than TV and therefore I usually watch it just before going to bed or on the weekends when I have a bit more time. I mainly watch beauty gurus (I desperately need and want to improve my make up skills) and travel vloggers.


At first I didn’t like her videos because she isn’t very girly and doesn’t like fashion or clothes. Now I love watching her vlogs, keeping up with her family and everything else.She is very real and shares everything, also her struggles.  I know she puts a lot of time and effort in every video and I really notice that.  I would say watch her if you want something more than just pretty make up tutorials.



Formerly known as Viviannadoesmakeup. Although she is also mainly a beauty youtuber I prefer her lifestyle videos. Especially the ones related to fitness and she represents a great motivation and inspiration. Also, add her on snapchat to see all funny behind the scenes.



I found her channel not long ago. I am still not sure if I love her regular videos, but I know I love her vlogs. Usually they are very long and she shows much more than just herself. She is also a fellow perfume lover and I love following her advice to try new perfumes.



A gorgeous beauty youtuber that I watch and obsess over all the time. She does amazing eyeliner and so I would highly recommend you her tutorials and skin care review as she puts a lot of effort and time to it. Most of the time she uses drugstore products and that is amazing because I can find them easily.



The cutest Australian pair that travels all over the world. They used to do daily vlog, but recently they changed their schedule and now it’s slightly different. They regularly show the beauty of Australia and with that weather going on I just want to move there.


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