This post is going to be all about travelling. The past week I posted a post with cheapest and good priced tickets. Today I will share the destinations that I think are perfect for a fall getaway.

  1. Tuscany. The red and brown leaves on the floor and the sun that isn’t crazy hot, but warm enough that you don’t need a thick coat? Yes this is Tuscany. The area of Italy is incredibly popular and always full with tourists, but in the fall the crowds become less big and it’s not too cold or too warm and also the prices go down a bit. There’s so much to explore in the region of Tuscany that you can’t go wrong if you pick a town and just start exploring and driving around in the car.
  2. South of Spain and Canary Islands. Europe is heading in the colder months and a bit of sun is always good. In this time of the year the sun is still strong down there and if you didn’t have the time to jump on a quick vacation in the summer then these two regions are for you. You can still swim and do all the activities that you can do in summer.
  3. Amsterdam. This is a huge and very, very popular city that is always full of crowds. However the autumn brings the students that give the special vibe to the city and with that the party begins. The temperatures are mild and appropriate for those that aren’t prepared to freeze just yet.
  4. Moscow. I want to explore that part of Europe and I know that in the winter time the temperatures can drop very low. I would like to visit the city in late October or early November when the cold (hopefully) isn’t that strong. The only thing is the lighting. It gets dark pretty fast, so start exploring early and tuck in when the dark starts to fall.
  5. Copenhagen. The beautiful Danish city that reminds me a little on Amsterdam. I know quite a few people that visited the city and are in love with it. Again I choose autumn time because it’s still north and can get cold.

What do you say? Do you like my list or would change or add your own destination?


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