I often see these collection videos on youtube and I like them a lot. So, I decided I will do one as well. This is my winter/autumn collection of shoes. There are a few types of shoes that I still need, but I hadn’t had the time to go in the shops and pick them.



These are my slip ons. I like to wear them with a bit more smart outfit because they add the casual factor. these are from Vagabond and were around 80 euro and are one of the most expensive shoes in my collection.



The classic chelsea boot style, but with a little bit of heel. These are my first pair of day heels and are from H&M. I wanted to give this type of shoe a go and now I am on the hunt for some more quality shoes in this style. These were 30 euro.



My apologies for the dirty shoes, but I just wore these to a party that took place outside. These are my favorite boots, with the most comfortable heel and are very light. I like to wear these in autumn, when it’s a little more warm. They are from Esprit and are in suede material.



Another boots, you notice what I like? These are my relaxed boots, I just slip in these and are seriously comfy. They are suede so I have to be careful with the weather. Sadly I don’t know the brand they are from, but perhaps Funky Shoes have something like tihs.



My old Adidas trainers. I desperately need new ones, but I seem to never find good ones in store, so I am still using these for any sporty activity.



If the gray boots are for autumn, these are for winter. They are padded and therefore more warm. If there’s no rain or snow I wear them all winter long. Because they are black they go with everything. Again, I don’t know where are they from, but this style is very big and I am sure you can find similar in almost any shoe store.



Hardcore winter boots. Padded with fake fur are great for cold winter days. They might not be the most beautiful looking, but I still wear them, They are from S.Oliver and were around 50 euro.



Lastly, another heeled boots. The heel is slightly lower which makes them more comfortable. Also, they have a light padding so are a bit more winter appropriate.


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