Good morning,

today I will share with you my finds. Recently I was searching cheap flights to actually anywhere and found these ones. The dates are for when in my country we have vacations and a few nation holidays, meaning on free days. It’s from 28 of October to 5 of November.

Venice Marco Polo-Prague (27.10.-3.11)

Prague is very popular and all the old towns are the most beautiful (in my opinion) in autumn. The days are a little shorter, but you can always hide from darkness and cold in a nice pub or restaurant. I think five days is more than enough for Prague and the prices aren’t too bad. The link:



Venice Marco Polo-Amsterdam (26.10.-30.10)

Again, another popular city that isn’t super crowded in the fall. The temperatures are higher than in continnential Europe so that’s perfect for exploring. You can spend the entire day outside and won’t freeze. The link:



Venice Marco Polo-London Stansted (2.11.-5.11)

The price of these ticket is very low and so I think it’s worth going even if only for 3 days. The link:



Venice Marco Polo-Copenhagen (25.10.-29.10)

The price for these flights is a bit higher, meaning it goes past 100 euro, for round trip, but it’s worth it. Copenhagen is beautiful and it’s fall and so it isn’t so cold as it is in the winter time. The link:






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