Oh, autumn is here and with all lovely colored leaves comes the cold in the morning and nice, warm temperatures in the afternoon. To properly face the weather you have to dress right. Layering isn’t only winter thing, when you want to be as warm as possible, but comes in handy in autumn as well. My top tips how to layer and dress up or down in this time of the year are written down below.

  1. Flannels. One of the most comfortable things to wear is also great for layering. You can wear them open as light cardigan and a plain T-shirt to create that casual look. be careful how you paired it, avoid any patterns and do not mix it with checkered scarf, that just screams skateboarder from 2009. The second way to wear it tied around the waist or hips whatever you like more. This immediately create more effect.
  2. Vest or any layer really. For instance light jacket or cardigans. Anything that varies is length of sleeves. You will create addition layer without being too hot or cold.
  3. Different length. As the cold weather strikes we put on thick or not so thick jumpers and to avoid wearing plain look aka jumper and jeans, I like to add a light shirt or blouse under jumper, but I like it to be longer than jumper. I really like the combo and it’s even nicer if the shirt has than classic collar, that adds a bit more smarter touch.
  4. Unbutton or unzip the jacket. Show what you are wearing under the top layer and jazz the outfit up. If it’s just too cold then throw on a scarf and zip the jacket. Whenever you are buying scarves be careful and think which color will go with most of your jackets. Also, have a few plain ones and one or two patterned.
  5. Jewelry. When everything fails and you have absolutely no time (been there many times, believe me) layering might be too complicated and the outfit can look wrong. For those situation I opt for adding jewelry or some other accessory. Layering rings is quick and you just can’t go wrong and it will pull the outfit together and make the outfit more interesting and put together.

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