Hello, For a while now I am planning a quick trip to Rome. Famous Italian cities can get pricey pretty fast, so did some digging and found very good offers.

First is transportation. I am based in Slovenia and usually don’t fly directly from Ljubljana airport. Probably there are a few flights to Rome, but for me are well over priced. We are talking 100 or even more euros for a one way ticket. Therefore I usually check some nearby train stations or airports. This time I found a train that goes directly, if I may add, from Trieste (about an hour and a half away from Ljubljana) to Rome for 20 euro. It takes around 5 hours, less if you decide to buy a ticket for Red Arrow (FrecciaRossa). It will be pricier. 20 euro sounds amazing, only if you don’t find a better deal. Budget traveler will go for the cheapest option, even if it’s not the comfiest. So I found a 10 euro (I know crazy) bus ticket to Rome, again leaving from Trieste. Ten hours on the bus might sound bad and dreadful, but not so much if you choose an over night bus and been on the bus for 24 hours straight.


Now we arrived to Rome and are looking for a place to stay. I was planning for a group of four and renting the apartment is far cheaper then staying in a hotel. Avoid renting those very near the city monuments because they will be much more expensive. The cheapest I found was around 80 euro per night and could host all four. All main Rome monuments are very close and you can walk to them in no time. So we will skip paying for public transportation. I like to walk, I like to feel the vibe and see things. Walking is my thing.


Most of Rome monuments are free of entry and are usually seen on the outside only. Of course there are Colosseum, Pantheon, The Vatican and other that you have to pay in order to get in, but if you are a student like myself, take your school certificate with you and the price of ticket will decrease immediately. The most expensive monuments are museums. The entry can go up to 15 euro (Borghese gallery). I am not a huge fan of museums and didn’t count them in our final price.


Food. Yes Italy is the place to eat your favorite meals: pizza, pasta and gelatto. You can spend big bucks for food, but if you are more careful you can find some true gems hidden in small allies. We counted and approximately 15 to 20 euro is enough for a good meal. Since we are staying in the apartment with fully functioning kitchen we will also cook alone and spend even less money.



And this is my Rome on budget. I believe that you can find great deals in every city, you just have to be creative and search outside the given. Are you interested in final price for 4 nights in Rome? No more than 150 euro. You think I am kidding? I am not. If you want some lings for the things I mentioned above, write in the comment section and I will give them right away. Have a nice day.


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