A few days ago I was kindly tagged by Jules, from Blonde’s Tea to do the travel tag. I really like travelling and this tag will be perfect to tell you a little about me and my experiences.

  1. When was your first plane trip? Where were you going?

I was around 12 or 13 when I first got on an airplane. I remember like it was yesterday how I stopped before entering the plane and thinking this is it, I can die (I am still pretty afraid of flying, but my love for travelling is bigger). We were flying to Tunisia, to a small island called Djerba. We had such a lovely time there and it’s a memory that I will never forget.


     2. Have you ever gone on a roadtrip? Where to and how long?

Sadly the answer to this question is no. But I wish I could go and I already know the destination. It would be a roadtrip starting at French Riviera and then driving down the western coast of Italy, all the way down to Sicily.


     3. Choose a destination for your next vacation, limitless budget, you have to take one family member. Who would you take and where to?

I think I choose South Africa and safariing around. I would pick my father to go with me, because he is very open to new adventures and always prepared to see some more. Just like me 🙂


       4. What’s the first thing you pack for any kind if travel? 

My passport, notebook and make up bag.


        5. What languages do you speak?

I speak Slovenian, Croatian, English and Spanish. I am also studying Latin, so I know a few words and quotes in Latin. For a year I was learning Italian and I would say I know quite a lot for a beginner.


        6.What is your perfect vacation outfit?

Highwasted loose shorts and a plain shirt tucked in pants. A straw hat to protect the hair and head from the sun and sunglasses on. Comfy sandals in gladiator style, but not so high.


        7.What are your top three places that would you like to travel?

Australia, England and South Africa.


      8. Where are planning to travel next?

Currently I am planning a quick 4 day trip to Florence and Sienna, but don’t really know if we are going to go for sure.


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