we all had those situations in which we wanted to take soo much things to vacation or just city getaway and that just wasn’t possible, because we only had carry on or just limited luggage. I want to give you some guidelines that will help you with packing next time and you will still be able to take all the things you need.

  1. Check the limitations of luggage on web side of your flight provider (or just of provider that you will travel with). That way you will know the size of luggage that you can take on your plane or any other transportation and won’t be unpleasantly surprised when you see the small size of the cabin where you put the luggage during travelling. Sometimes the companies don’t check the precise size, but for much more comfortable travel do choose backpack or suitcase appropriate size.
  2. Choose light suitcase or softer bag (if you are not carrying valuable things or just going small distance) so you can take more things. If the limitations say 10 kilo and your suitcase weights 3 is a bit worse than a soft bag that probably weights half of kilo or even less.
  3. Plan your outfits. Check the weather and plan the outfits based on what are going to do. Always bring a pair more of socks, underwear and plain t-shirts or jumpers that you can wear with everything.
  4. Wear the heaviest clothes when you are travelling. That way you can put more stuff in the suitcase and still don’t meet the weight limitations. If you can’t wear all of them, wear half. Better something than nothing right?
  5. Take just essential make up and skin care and not 20 different lipsticks or 5 exfoliating masks. Leave the big bottles at home and travel with smaller sized hair and shower products.
  6. Choose the right packing technique. Create compartments and label the bags in which you have things. Also, don’t forget to take spare bag for dirty clothes, you don’t want to mix nice and unused things with dirty and stinky things.

Those are my advices how to pack light. Do you use any of them already or do you have some different? If you do, then please let me know. Leonida



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