Hello, we all know those endless wishlists of pricey bags, shoes and cosmetics, but in real life when we live on the budget we have an actual need list of things that we need to buy as soon as possible in order to live in piece and be properly maintained. Today I want to share my list with you:

1.Make up remover. For the past month I have been using just make up removing wipes by Balea and although I must say that they do an excellent job I still need a proper liquid make up remover. On my list is the trusty Garnier Micellar Water.


2.Skin stuff. In other words I need to go on the hunt for cleansers, toner and day moisturizer. For now I use different almost everyday and I know my skin isn’t very happy about it.

3. Eyeshadow palettes. I have only one and it’s super small and the shades of the shadows are all pretty similar. The perfect one in my mind is Cocoa Blend by Zoeva.


4.Make up brushes. I desperately need more than just one, even if just for those random ocations that I actually do a smokey eye. Again the prettiest are from Zoeva, you starting to see a pattern right?, but I will probably have to find cheaper option.

zoeva b

5.Avon Glimmerstick eyeliner. This eyeliner is the only one that stays on my lids for a very long time and I am actually good at using it. The one problem is that I have to order it through another person and can’t just walk in the store and pick it up. Also, they have different price tag on them every month and I just can’t find the time to flick through catalog every three weeks. Oh, the problems haha.


6.Last on the list is a nice shower gel, that will crate relaxing mood in the bathroom. After a long day there’s nothing nicer than a long, hot shower and a nice smelling shower gel. My previous one was from Yves Rocher and I think I will buy one from there again. This time a more autumnal and perhaps even christmasy smell.




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