I just can’t believe that the month of September is over. With start of school and a tonne of other events and celebrations I had very little spare time. But still I found my favorites and now it’s the time to share them with you.

Let start with the TV show I have been obsessed with. It’s the series created by Netflix and called Narcos. It’s well know and if you hadn’t watched it I seriously recommend it to you. It follows the life and the rise of a drug lord Pablo Escobar, with the rise comes the DEA and some of the things actually happened. I think they created the perfect combo between the DEA agents and narcos, because in season two I started to feel sorry for how things turned out for Escobar. Anyway it is also educational, but in a fun and interesting way, and therefore I think it’s worth watching.


Another show I have been loving are the Top Gear Specials. In these episodes the trio goes in a foreign country and has to finish the callenge. But of course there are obsticles like money, bad roads, weather and other. Although sometimes they can (especially Jeremy) say something offensive, it’s super funny to see how they cope with the challenge. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to laugh for an hour straight. MY favorite:the one where they travel to Bolivia and are trying to reach Pacific.

The music favorite is from Narcos. You see I am really loving the entire show. It is called Tuyo, for those who don’t speak Spanish it means yours and had beautiful lyrics, but what got my attention is the rythm and the music itself. It perfectly shows the Latin soul and passion. The one thing I am not keen on it the accent. The singer originates from Brasil and has a bit of a Portuguese accent, like the actor that plays Escobar so some words are slightly strange pronounced (for someone that speak Spanish and know where the Spanish accents are).

Make up wise, this month it’s a dry one. Yes the school started and so did wearing make up, but I am still too lazy to do anything but normal and minimal and therefore I didn’t even tried finding something new and special. The only thing that is new and could (almost) qualify as make up is my new lip balm. It by a brand Bee natural and it’s actually 100 % natural bee wax. It has a bit fruity smell, because the pomegranate infusion, but it’s not too strong and powerful. The texture is thick and nourishes lip really nice and they aren’t even drier the next day as most lip balms do. The price is resonable, especially for this quality, around 2,50 euro in my local drugstore.


Next up is this special card that the town of Ljubljana created. You can now go to school or anywhere else with every single thing that goes through your (smaller) town. I am now going to school by train and this is amazing. It’s much faster than bus and i can wake up later because my mother can drive me a part of the way.


The last is the most amazing weather we had in September. With an exception of a few rainy and cloudy days, the entire month was warm and therefore I was able to spend much more time outside and in the nature. With the girls we even had short sea side trip in the second week and for me it’s slightly crazy that I was swimming in the see two weeks ago. I hope the weather doesn’t become bad and all time rainy.

And that’s it. Perhaps not the most material favorites, but once in a while it’s nice to have other things than just material as your favorites, am I right? What have you been up to in September? Love, Leonida.








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