Hola my lovely readers,

September means for me a new start and I needed a few things and I actually still need to pick up quite a few things to be ready for a new season, but I got some  and I would like to share them with you.

1. My new school bag. For the past three years my school bag was this big black tote form H&M and it served me fine, but now it’s starting to look a bit old and worn out and not in a good way. I was just randomly browsing the store when I found it. It was the perfect color, I didn’t want a black bag again and it was on sale. Yes, the sale made me buy it. It’s by a brand S.Oliver and it was reduced to 40 euro instead of full price 60 euro. I certainly hope it’s going to last long and age well. I wear it on my shoulder and as long as keep it middle weight that’s fine with my shoulder. I love the front pouch as I put there the things that I need to garb quickly. The only thing that I miss is a few more (than just one) compartments inside the bag.


The picture really do it any justice, you will see it better on another outfit photo.

2.Black H&M top with cut out shoulders. I thought this is the perfect fall/ transitional piece as it’s still short sleeved, but the cut and color aren’t super sunny. I don’t have many black tops, so this one is now considered as the smart piece in my closet. It was regular H&M price, 15 euro. It is made out of a bit thicker and slightly ribbed material and this way feels even more autumnal. I am thinking about shortening it, because it’s quite long and I like my tops to be hip length and not any longer.



3.Bralettes. Oh the day I discovered that the bras don’t have to be neccesarily uncomfortable. I bought mine in set of two in H&M. The price was 15 euro. They are in the most basic colors, black and white, but that works just fine. I wear them on a day that I want to feel extra comfortable or am wearing a backless dress or top. They are nice and lacy and I think that adds a bit of dress up from all casual attire. I am planning on getting more as they are the most comfortable thing ever. If you are considering trying one for yourself then I strongly recommend it to you. The nude one is a bit older and more appropriate for those off shoulder tops, because is like a tube and has no straps. This one is from Intimissimi and was probably a bit pricier.






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