Hi, today you will get to know a bit more about me. I am a huge morning person, so in most cases waking up early isn’t much of  problem, but more about this in another post, because todays it’s dedicated to my school morning routine.

My school usually starts at 8 and I live about half an hour away, but I wake up around half seven or quarter to seven if I am going by train. When I get up I wash my face and then brush teeth and continue my way in the kitchen. There I first make myself breakfast and after finishing with that I make lunch that I take with me to school and eat it in free period. For breakfast I usually have scrambled eggs and some bread with jam or cereals on those glorious days that we actually have them. That takes 15 to 20 minutes and after that I do my make up. That is usually quick and I am done in 10 minutes. After make up it’s time to brush the teeth again. Then I go to my room and create an outfit and throw it on.  Just before leaving I brush my hair and take the bag and everything else I need. I exit the apartment at 20 past 7.  If I still have a bit of free time I make my bed and clean the room a bit, that doesn’t happen that often. And yes my morning routine on school days is super fast and easy. Honestly I don’t imagine doing anything more that this although I am a morning person.


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