After school started and with that stress and unhealthy food and my skin started acting up. Soon I remembered the face masks that I brought back from Greece. They were featured in my Greek haul post and now that I used it a couple of times and I think I have created an opinion about.

First is the Apivita Express Beauty with green clay. It is packed in two sachets, each one contains 8 ml. It is dark green color and the texture is thick and rich. You only have to apply small amount and make a thin layer.And so although on the packaging says that in each sachet there’s enough product for one or two uses I used it for three times and there’s still some in (meaning probably enough for two uses). I leave it on for 20 minutes and then gently rinse it off with water. Usually clay leaves the skin dried out, but this one doesn’t. perhaps because contains aloe and this actually leaves skin nice and moisturized. I would say that it does the job and clears the pores and reduces the redness, but didn’t shock me in any way.It’s good if you have drier skin and if you are ballin on budged as the full sized packaging costs 12 euro. As far as the repurchase I will say that on the market there are so many clay masks that I would like to try and therefore I won’t be repurchasing it for a while.

The second one is from the same range as is the first. Apivita express beauty with sea lavender indeed. I was attracted to this because I have never heard for the main ingredience- sea lavender, have you? I have normal to combination skin, but the levels of moisture are still low in winter time, so I decided to get it anyway. And it’s not even close to winter and I already needed it. It has this nice thick texture and goes on like a cream. The smell is similar to normal lavender, but there is something special about it. I leave it on for as long as I want. Usually that is around half an hour and then I gently add some water and leave the mixture of mask and water on for a little more. After completly washing it off the skin is left nourished and glowy. It is quite a hardcore mask and if you have slightly oily skin this can turn your skin even oilier. For those interested in price and amount for this one goes the same as it does for the clay one. However I will repurchase this when I get a chance, because I haven’t quite came across better moisturizing mask.

Have you ever tried anything from this brand? How did it work for you?

Have a nice day, Leonida


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