For todays post I decided to write about the things that I want to improve in the near future. Hopefully writing about will give me even more motivation.

  1. Photos. I know that photos represent a big part of blog and currently I am not happy with the amount and quality of those posted in blog posts. Of course being on the budget means I am not going to buy the newest camera out there, but also isn’t an excuse. So in the future expect better photos.
  2. Not being lazy. I am not the worlds laziest person, but a fair share of things never get done just because I am too lazy to do it. I am trying to prevent that with making all sorts of lists that motivate me, but still I know I can do better than what I do now.
  3. More sport. I love the feeling after workout and that’t why I want and will do more of it. My friend and I are going on a short race and therefore I need to start practicing running. Besides running I will include some Blogilates and my beloved volleyball.
  4. Money spending and managing. Sometimes I get distracted and will not notice how much I am paying for things. And there are numerous lunches and drinks and at the end of the month I am broke. I want to change that and I started with writing down what and how much the thing costed me.
  5. The condicion of my skin. Currently I am in the phase where the skin on my face is terrible. i am not sure what helped, but eating bad might have to do something with. I am trying to calm my skin and reduce redness and the size of zits wit use of several masks. Usually things like that take some time to get better, so I now nothing can be done really fast.

Do you have any thing that you want to improve? If you do write it down below and we will be in this together.

Have a nice day and be motivated to do whatever what you want to do. Leonida, X.


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