Hi, my lovely readers. Although I don’t own a lot of make up I still take a few crucial pieces to school.

To blot the oily face I still use Catrice sun glow bronze powder. I say still, because I still have a bit of tan and want to prolong it. To apply the powder I use the big, fluffy brush from Ebelin.

Next in the bag is my brow pencil. In the morning I use this pen that is supposed to be waterproof and longlasting, but the oils have a super power and for a quick touch up the Catrice brow pencil does the job.

If I wear lip liner or lip stick or not a lip balm is a must. I bought this one not long ago, but already love it. It’s 100 per cent natural, made out of bees wax and pomegranate. The smell isn’t too strong, but lovely enough to smell it all day.

To cover blemishes I use the most simple product. It’s the cover stick and by Balea Young. I know stick products aren’t super hygenical, but I always wash my hands before using it.

After having a sweaty gym class a good deodorant is a must have. I am using this one for the longest time and it’s the Rexona shower fresh in stick formula. I have always been a fan of these and not such fan of spray deodorant.

The last thing is a small perfume. To refresh or make myself feel a bit fancier currently I use Zara Twiglight Mauve. It’s nice and fresh and it’s not to big to fit in the bag.

That’s it for what my school make up bag contains. It’s not a lot, but I don’t really need much. What are your essentials for the school?




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