Back in August my family and I decided to go on a day trip. We choose Bled, but because we were there several times we wanted to see more than just a lake and the castle. I ended up searching for some fun things to do in Bled and found this one called vintgar. That’s how we call it in Slovene, in English this means: gorge. It’s situated around 5 km away from Bled.

Our day started bright and early as we headed at 8 o’clock in the morning. That was the best thing we could do, because when we were driving out of Bled, there was a huge line of cars, probably longer than 5km and all those cars waited to get to Bled. When we arrived we parked at some old house, but there was a sign saying that here is the official parking space. We ended up paying around 2 euro for two hours. Then we headed for a walk around the lake. In the mean we took some photos and saw a big number of people actually swimming in lake. Although I was there for the probably 20th time I have never swam in it. There are several places that you can water, but only one official beach. It’s big, but I must say the water there is the worst, so I would recommend you swimming anywhere else. We saw an olympic center and a few trails that lead to the castle, but as the ticket for entering the castle is very expensive, oh and I have been there more than once and except the view that is stunning, there’s really nothing interesting in the actual castle. To finish in style I would recommend the villa Prešeren for the final stop for a coffee or ice cream. It is a very popular place among the locals and tourists, so the prices will be a bit higher than anywhere else. However if you on the hunt for a delicious pizzeria, look no further than pizzeria Rustika. They open at 12 and be sure to be there early as they can get fully crowded and booked really quick. But we didn’t have to worry due to having our lunches in form of sandwiches and we ate at the gorge itself. We arrived to the gorge quite late at 12. That was our mistake, because there was a huge line to enter as it was sunny, Saturday and in the middle of the summer. Although the line seemed long we actually got in pretty fast. The gorge itself is approximately 4 km long and the path is very narrow, so you in case of crowd you move really slow. But at least you have more time to see the nature and take pictures of millions shades of green. When you get to the end you can choose to get a drink or walk back. The best time for going is in the middle of a heath wave as the water and stones cool the air. I would like to visit it again in the fall, when the leaves will turn  orange, red and yellow.

If you ever visit the gorge please report how it was. I wanted to write this because many people know only about Bled and not the beauty around.

Have a nice day, Leonida X.



    • Leonida's says:

      Oh I am sad to hear that the receptionist fooled you, but here in Slovenia is quite normal to walk to things even if it a little bit far. Hope this explains to you why the person told you so. Hopefuly you will come back to Slovenia and see some more beautiful places.

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