Hello, for today’s blog post I decided to write about something that is very important for me. My high school studying is slowly coming to an end and with it comes an important decision. A career is very important to me and I would like to do what I love and like for the rest of my life. What are those things? Read ahead.

  1. There are many possibilities, but first on my mind is being a fashion designer. I am drawing sketches of dresses and shoes for better part of my life. There are some things that put me off: the lack of jobs, in these times jobs are already hard to find and being a designer doesn’t exactly gives you a lot of different jobs. Also, a designer must know how to saw and that is something I suck at. The last thing is the study program. In Slovenia this area is still small and new, but I am not sure if I am ready to study abroad.
  2. Dream job for me would also being a youtuber and blogger. I am very creative person and think that I can provide a lot of quality content. And seeing all the amazing possibilities youtubers got makes it even more interesting and attractive. I might give youtube a go, but only after I finish high school.
  3. Interior designer. Ah, architecture is my first love, but includes waay too much maths for me. Since i was a little girl I was building houses and rooms of lego. This is definitely something to think about, but so far I really like it.
  4. The last option isn’t a job that I am prepared doing for the rest of my life. It’s being a travel guide. I would like to try that in my uni years as you get to explore new cities and cultures, but I also know that being a travel guide is quite difficult. Taking acre of 300 people and being in a new country doesn’t exactly sound like heaven.

You heard my wishes and thoughts and now I would love if you give me feedback if you are employed in one of these sectors or just in general. Thanks for the read and have nice day.

Leonida. X.


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