My school recently shortened our lunch time and so there’s nothing else to do than bring my food from home. All these dishes are cold because I don’t have the possibility to heathen it. Let’s get going right?

  1. OATS: I love oats. They give me a lot of energy and taste really good. My favorite combo is plain yogurt or Greek one and oats. I always leave oats in the water to soften up for at least an hour. Besides the yogurt I add fruits, like apple or bananas, and if I crave something more sweet I simply add honey.
  2. SALADS: One of my favorite vegetables is lettuce. Because lettuce itself isn’t very fullfelling I add more food. In the summer time I add feta cheese and chicken. Sometimes I put in hard boiled egg and bread cut in small pieces. If I want to add sauce I go for the mixture of yogurt and sour creme.
  3. GRANOLA: I make it by myself. It’s super simple and I can add whatever I want to. If you are interested in recipe, comment down and I’ll post it in no time. If I take granola as a side dish, I make it in a form of bars, but that’s the main dish I break it in smaller pieces and add cottage cheese or flavored yogurt.
  4. NOODLES AND CHICKEN: I opt for rice noodles called vermincelli, because they are the fastest to prepare and I can make it the same morning. As for the chicken, I simple season it and let it cook. In the wok I chop carrots and leave it to soften up, then I add the chicken and noodles and let it cook for a few more minutes. this the only cooked meal that tastes good when it’s cold, in my humble opinion. This is quite a lunch, so I choose this when my schedule is long.
  5. QUICHE LORRAINE: This is something like pie, but made out of different type of dough. Also, the filling consists of chopped salami or Parma ham, cheese and sour creme. It’s super simple to make and also very quick. This is also very good as a side dish to salad.

Hopefully you got some ideas and you will try to make it by yourself. Like I have written above, if you want to know the specific recipe, just comment and I’ll provide it.

Have a nice day, Leonida. X.


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