Hello, a few weeks ago I was for the first time visiting Montenegro and it was beautiful. Although we visited a lot of places there wasn’t enough time to see everything. I wrote down the places I yet want to see and visit. If you are interested read ahead.

  1. Budva. Yes we were there for three days, but in all those three days we didn’t pop down to old part of the town. We missed out on seeing the signature statue of bronze ballerina and I want to see it. Probably two days are enough to see everything. buva
  2. Island of Saint Štefan. It’s located around 6 km from Budva and it serves as private island and you have to pay 25 euros to see the place. Although that’s a lot of money I think it’s worth it. On the island there’s three churches and a beautiful private beach. Sveti_Stefan_(06).jpg
  3. Jaz. A beautiful and probably most known beach in the entire riviera. Many famous singers had a concert right there on the beach and I really want to visit it. There’s a nice side walk leading all the way form Budva to Jaz and I want to hike it one day.jaz
  4. Kotor. Small town located deep in the bay. It’s very old and has many things to offer. A little chapel above the town is perfect spot for a panoramic view of Kotor. The streets are narrow and charming. I got the same feeling like in Dubrovnik, but without huge crowds of tourists.

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