Usually we all keep similar things in our school bags, but still I decided to write this post to give ideas to you what is practical to have with you. Here’s the list:

1.Notebooks, to write down what the teacher is explaining, obviously.

2. Books, in my classes this are essentials as many times we need them during the lecture.

3. Pencil case, although it isn’t on the picture, I keep my pens in a case, otherwise the bag could get easily ruined.

4. Planner or small agenda to write down all exams and other projects. Luckily my school provides this for us, as I saw a few of these retail for 10 euro which is absolutely crazy.

5.Separate notebook for blog. If I have a free period or just a few minutes to spare, sometimes I decide to work on blog.

6. Wallet. Useful whether I decide to go for a coffee after classes or just in case I don’t bring my lunch from home, money and wallet is a must.

7. Bottle of water. To keep hydrated during lectures and the day. In the future I would like to invest in a proper water bottle as for now I use an empty bottle of ice tea.

8. Dried fruits or nuts. These come handy on the way home, when I am hungry, but wouldn’t like to eat some carb bomb from the nearest bakery.

9. Phone and earplugs, the latter for the bus rides.

10. Small make up bag, I will do a separate blog post on this one, but here are a few neccesities that are crucial: small perfume, lip balm and hair ties.

Hopefully this helped someone, and please write to me what you carry in your bag and it’s essential for you. Have a nice day.

Leonida. X.





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