Hi, as you probably experienced yourself the vacations ended and work and school started. During the summer I don’t wear much make up, so a putting on make up everyday feels a little special. I was experimenting with make up and came up with this look, that I really like. It’s still summery, but with hints of orange calls for fall.

Let’s start with eyes. This is the center of attention this month with more nude colored lips. I don’t use a base or a primer, but I have quite oily eyelids so it would be good to use some. If you have any good recommendations, please let me know. To warm the lids I put on bronze powder that in the summer I use as bronze powder. I put it all over the lid and apply two to three layers, because the powder is slightly sheer and not so pigmented. I use the Catrice sun glow bronzer in shade 030. The same thing I apply on the outer half of lower eyelids. I notice that the orange really brings out the green notes in my eyes and makes my eye color much lighter. To add more depth I use the only matte shade from the Essence quad in 05 to die for. It is located in the bottom on the right and it’s a lovely deep brown color. I apply this over the orange on the lower eyelid. Usually I don’t use eyeliner, but this time I did, because I felt like I was lacking some definition on the lid. I don’t have proper brown eyeliner, so I just used my eyebrow pencil by Catrice brow stylist in 020 date with ashtone. It’s not very visable, but just adds really nice shade and depth. To apply all shades I use The Body and Soul concealer brush, which is a little bit flatter and not so fluffy and works just fine. For those who are just starting their brush collection, I would highly recommend this brand. To make my lashes darker and longer I use Essence maximum definition volume mascara. Usually I apply two coats and that creates nice, long lashes.

For the eyebrows I use the spoolie from brow stylist and fill in with Misslyn eyebrow pencil, that is  liquid and waterproof for a couple of hours.

For the lips, I drink a lot of water so right now I skip lip balm. All over the lip I use the Xpress lip color pencil in L025 that is nice and nude, but adds a bit of pink tones to the lips. It’s slightly darker and goes very nicely with eye colors.

I still have a bit of tan going on, so I skip the normal foundation. For a few blemishes that I have I use Catrice camouflage creme in 025 rosy sand, that is very high in coverage and very thick in texture. I wouldn’t recommend this one for those with dry skin as it can create dry patches. The same stuff I use to create slight contour.

This is all I use make up wise this month. As I told I really like that the eyes are the center of attention. The look is also pretty simple and quick and won’t take you over 10 minutes which is always a bonus speaking school or work wise. What is your look this month?



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