Hi, recently I was on a trip to Budva. Budva is a smallish town on the coast of Montenegro and it’s best known for the nightlife. We went there together with the class to celebrate the last year of high school. While we were there I came up with the idea to give you my tips to make your stay in Budva or anywhere near nicer and more comfortable.

  1. When you are choosing hotel pick a version that includes breakfast and dinner. The price won’t be much higher, but other that usual street food like pizza, fruits from markets and baked goods from bakeries there’s no other places to eat. Yes there are restaurants, but the offer it’s pretty much the same anywhere.
  2. When you are buying fruits, don’t head to supermarket, but instead shop at the stands right next to road. The fruit there is much nicer, fresher and also cheaper.
  3. If you are looking for postcards, go straight to the bookshop and don’t waste your time at the little touristy stands. the stamps can be bought only at the post office and be sure to put the card in the box there as there’s only a little number of these boxes across the town.
  4. Beach gear like sunbeds and umbrellas can be very expensive, but many times there’s no natural shade and the umbrellas are your only chance to stay away from the sun. Also the beaches can get very crowded very quickly so arrive early enough to get a spot.
  5. Many beaches, more popular ones, have a rule where it’s forbidden to bring your own food and drinks. Try to hide the things, so you wrap the towel around and perhaps they won’t notice, we did that more than once and was just fine. If you are visiting Ploče than skip this tactics as they check every bag very thoroughly.
  6. Don’t bring valuable things to the beach or if you do, don’t flash it around. That might be a no brainer, but for a few people from my group wasn’t and they ended up with stolen goods.
  7. The beaches are gorgeous, but so are other towns and villages that are very close, so don’t stay just on the beach and swim, but also explore. Don’t know about the bus connections, but taxis are very inexpensive.
  8. A must on the list is a visit of a local club. The atmosphere, people and music is completely different than to ones in the rest of Europe, so give it a go and see how balkan people do it.Don’t go before 11 and believe me you will stay out all night.
  9. However don’t buy drinks in the actual bar or club or be prepared to pay big bucks, think 50 euro for a bottle of vodka. Buy from supermarkets, they have enough choice and prices aren’t crazy.
  10. Almost all more popular beaches are hosting beach parties every day in the afternoon, so if you are looking for a more calm day and relaxing, try find smaller beaches that aren’t full of little bars and clubs.

So, here we are, these are my top 10 tip for this part of Montenegro. The place is definitely worth visiting and it’s fairly inexpensive, especially if you compare to hot spots of Croatia, like Hvar and Dubrovnik.


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