Hello again my lovely readers,

for me school had started and there’s no deny that school kills a lot of time and fun, so I do some things that help me get back into swing of things without feeling like I have no life outside the class room.

I divide my time 70-30. That means that school can take up to 70 per cent of my time, this includes all studying for exams, doing home works and other things that are a necessity in school.  This way even if I don’t manage to do all the things, I have only a portion of things to do and not everything. Other 30 per cent of my time is dedicated for what I like outside the school, meeting with friends and maintaining the social life, travelling, blogging and other fun activities.

The ratio of per cents can vary as depends on how much things I have to do school wise. For example, now, that I am just starting school year the school will take 40 percent or even less, but when the exam mode kicks in the school will take 80 percent. However, I never go pass the line and dedicate more that 80 percent of my time, because I would feel too stressed and unhappy.

And there it is, my tip how to get back to school without cutting all the things you like. Do you have a plan how to combine school with things you like? If you do than I kindly ask you to put it in the comment and I will test it out.

X, Leonida.


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