Hi, today I prepared a little post about one of my most used things make up wise. Yes, lip liners. I am not an enthusiastic user of over lining method, but rather use them instead of lip stick. My lips are big enough and all I need to do is add a little shape. Most of my lip liners are more nude, mostly because I feel more comfortable wearing these tones instead of deep and dark purples. However there are a few exceptions in the collection. Let’s get started, shall we?

The teeniest of all is the oldest and was my first ever lip liner or perhaps even lip product. I bought it on a whim, because i liked the color and to this day this color is my favorite of them all. It is by a brand Misslyn and it’s very affordable. The lip liner doesn’t have a proper name, but the number is 124. It’s the perfect your lips but better color and can be used every day. As much as I adore the shade, sadly the texture is too heavy and creamy and even after just a few minutes starts feeling very drying on the lips. I am always on the hunt for the exact shade, but different formula.

Next is the Sephora lip liner to go. I bought it in Belgrade, when I was deciding between this one and one that was more nude toned and I still regret not getting the other one instead of this. The color is beautiful deep burgundy, but for me this is just too dark and can’t wear it on daily basis. The shade is called Deep Aubergine and in addition is marked as number 5.  It’s small and compact so it’s perfect for bringing along in a small purse. I would like to buy a nude one in the future to try the formula as I haven’t worn this one for longer than an hour.

This one is by Kiko, which is by the way amazing drugstore brand, and is in lovely red, but almost purple color. It’s called Smart Lip Pencil and it’s in the shade 709. The texture is lovely and not drying at all and so it’s longevity. Out of all, I would say this one is the creamiest, so a little concealer will come very handy while applying it. Again, I want to try more shades as this is another that I only wear at special occasions.

Lip liner number five is by a brand I never heard before getting this liner, but a friend of mine said the brand has amazing products and the quality is good as well. So, of course I bought it. The brand is called Wycon cosmetics and I think comes from Italy. It’s in the shade Bordeaux and clearly I have a thing for number five as this one is again number five. The color is a mixture between nude and light purple, but still soft enough to wear it daily. The texture is light and creamy and for sure I’ll try more colors once I am near the store.

Cartice Ultimate Stay is next and although the price was low I regret this purchase. The liner is very hard and when I am applying it my lips feel very poorly because I have to press so hard. Also, the pigmentation sucks and all in all I never use it, because it’s just too complicated and painful to use it. Have you ever tried a lip liner from this brand? What did you feel about it. Oh, mine is is the shade 030 Boysnberry. The color is strong once you put it on and reminds me of hot pink or fushia.

As I told you nudes are my favorite and this is no different. Besides the Sephora one this one was also bought in Belgrade. The brand originates from Turkey and offers amazing quality for very low prices. It’s full name is Dream lips lip liner and it’s in the shade 512. It’s super creamy and the pigmentation is great, so you don’t need a lot of product for great resault.

The last two are the ones I bought in Greece and are by local brands. The one on the left is by MD Professionel and is called xpress yourself lip color pencil and just might be my favorite nude. This one is almost like the Misslyn one, but slightly more on the nude side. The longevity is great and even tough I just started using it am already afraid I will run out of it very fast. The one on the right is from Tommy G and it’s perfect when i want to wear brown lips. If you are slightly more tanned then I would recommend this shade as it can look like you have no lips, the shade is Smart lip number 6, but other wise go for it if you can as the quality is amazing.

And so we come to the end of my collection. Although it’s not big I feel like it’s just the right size for me and probably won’t be buying lip liners for a while now. Have you tried any of the ones listed above? What did you think about it?





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