And so the month of September started and with it so did school. School year is incredibly busy and many times I set myself goals that I never achieve, and so I thought I would write the ideas or goals here and perhaps would achieve more.

First of all is the exam I have to pass in order to start learn how to drive a car. We can start driving a car when we’re 18 and I had my birthday a few months ago and would really like to be done with this exam. I am not looking forward to learn how to drive, but still I know that’s something that will be very useful and the sooner I pass the better. I picked September because the school isn’t crazy (yet) and I feel like it’s possible to do it.

Next on the list is sport. I feel amazing whenever I do all sorts of sports and would like to keep this feeling although the school will start. Also I want to find a sport that I will enjoy in, because I am looking for it since the secondary school started.


Staying on the same theme I want to do the Blogilates 30 day ab challenge. I printed this challenge back in January or February, but nothing happened and piece of paper stayed at the bottom of the drawer. While I was cleaning I found it and I think it will be fun and useful.


Penultimate on the list is something very important. In the summer I made a lot of plans with different people and want to meet with all of them. Seeing all the plans make me very excited as school can take a lot of time and social life just disappear, so hopefully this month this won’t happened.

And we are at the last thing. This is blog. I started in the summer when I had a lot of free time and nothing else to do, but with the start of school I wont have so much free time and so I will test if i can post five times a week, have a social life and maintain school.


What do you say, do you like my list? I feel like start of the school year is almost the same as New Year when I start writing resolutions.  Do you do the same thing?


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