Hello, the last summer month just flew by and it’s time for monthly favorites. This month I found some new stuff, got a summer job and worked on the blog.

Canon ixus 85 IS

Or in other words an old camera. Although it’s old does the job of taking photos far better than my phone. I have been taking all sorts of pictures with it and been really happy with it. My goals are to improve the quality of pictures on this blog and hopefully this will help.

A jar from Greece

I bought this after buying very similar thing for my friend and was convinced that I also need one. Inside was a bar of soap, that smells just divine and once you remove the soap you get a lovely jar. I keep mine on the table and throw in all the little things that would otherwise just lay on the table and create unwanted mess. Also the color and patter reminds me of Greece and therefore I like it even more.



This is the name of a brand that I found when I bought a top in Greece. I love this top and I went on the hunt to find the brand behind it and I did. The brand is from Thessaloniki in Greece and they offer the most amazing summer wear. Imagine lots of white and blue tones on the lightest materials, yes that is what this brand offers. Also they have shoes and those cute pom pom sandals that are very trendy for 50 eur which is a bargain after seeing that a pair of those can cost up to 300 eur. In the future I will keep an eye on this brand and will wait to see if they will also do a winter/autumn collection.



Younger/The hart of Dixie

Those are the names of two TV series that I started to watch. Both are super funny and just nice to watch and relax in the evening. Younger is about this 40 year old woman that lies that she’s 26 in order to get a job. Throughout the episodes we see how she copes with being 26 and all the troubles that she has. The hart of Dixie is about a young doctor that needs to make more contact with patients and moves to a small town in Alabama. It’s funny and I just love the Southeren accent.


This month I created an account for my blog and since then I post almost daily. I like it and enjoy taking pictures, so if you have instagram visit my account and say hi! The link:



This pair of sandals are my favorite  summer thing. I wear them non-stop and they are really good quality and I wish they would last very long time. I like the design, because there is only one string they are not too hot and the metal detail makes them a little fancier.











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