The summer is officially coming to the end and so are (probably) your vacation. For me some things look hundred times better when I am tanned and personally i like to keep my tan for as long as possible. I created a list of things I do that help me keep the tan lasting long after my vacations are finished.

1. Mositurize. Although I almost never use body butter or lotion I make an exception in summer. The tan will last longer if your skin won’t become dry and therefore start to flake. Do that also while on vacation and you will glow a long time.

2.Stay on the sun more. With this sentence I don’t want you to stay on the sun in the times between 11 and 4. After having a little tan, go on the sun more frequently in the times when the sun isn’t as dangerous. You will get more tanned quicker and the tan will last longer.

3.Keep your make up simple. Imagine that you are in a resort by the pool. You probably don’t wear much make up, do you? To create more natural look use less make up and add some color. The  bolder the choice, the more vacation you look.

4.Beach hair. To create an illusion that you just dried your hair from the sea, spritz a bit of saltwater spray and put the hair in not so tight bun for the night. The next morning you will wake up with beach hair.

5.Time for yourself. Whenever you are on vacation you always have the time for doing what you like and relaxing.Take some time off and do what you enjoy in, to think you are still on vacation.

What do you think of these tips? For me these are a massive help and I live by them the entire September and perhaps even longer.


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