Kitroplatia, used to be used as a water market, but now is just beach. The water is clean and there’s sand, but as soon as you go to the water sand turns to big rocks. The beach is very big and Greeks go to the right side (looking from sea). This beach is very close to town and I would highly suggest going to this one instead of Ammos.


Ammos, this one is situated directly at the marina entrance and so the quality of water isn’t the best. It is also very crowded and the water is shallow and that are two more reasons why not to go to this one. On the other hand it’s the right place if you enjoy drinking a coffee or eating something while watching the surroundings.  There are many places and although it’s very popular the prices aren’t too high.


City beach, perhaps you would think the city beach is Ammos due to closeness to town, but no, there’s another beach and this one is the city beach. It’s located about a kilometer away from Ammos and the water there is much nicer. The beach is part of something that looks like a club, with green grass and place for public events. Don’t worry, the place is open for everybody, but I am not sure whether you can rent the sunbeds or you have to bring your own. Very near to the club, there’s also basketball court and indoor swimming pool.

Ariadni hotel beach, the beach got name after a hotel that is across the road, but the beach is not only for hotel guests, but for everyone. The place for towels and umbrellas is small so arrive early if you want to get a bit more comfy. Also, there are no sunbeds, but there are a few trees that offer shade. Many times the shade is full of Greeks. On the far left there’s also a tavern that offers really nice meals and drinks and is very popular. If you are coming on the weekend, come early or everything will be taken. If you continue your way pass the tavern you will find another, hidden beach. This one is bigger and not occupied, but it can happen that the water will be dirtier.


Almiros, this is the longest and most known beach in town. It can host many people and still doesn’t get crowded, so it’s amazing for weekends. It is sandy and the water is shallow very long time. On the right side of beach there’s a hotel, in which almost every Saturday and Sunday there’s party. On the side of hotel, a freshwater river flows to the sea and the scene is amazing. The freshwater is very cold, but still give it a go for a special experience.


Faedra beach, a little bit out of Agios Nikolaos there’s this beach. It’s one of the most popular, especially for families with small children. Along the beach are a few bars and restaurants and they own the sunbeds. You don’t have to pay for the umbrella and the beds, but only if you order a simple coffee. This is much more economic as they won’t complicate even if you order something for 1 eur. On the right side of the bay are a few freshwater springs, so if you want to swim in warmer water, opt for left side.


Blue Marine Hotel beach, indeed again a hotel beach that is public as well. There are sunbeds and if you are staying at this exact hotel you don’t need to pay (they will want to see the card, so play fair) and if you don’t then you need to pay. There’s no natural shade so the umbrella might be your best chance not to get sun burned. The sand is very dark, almost black, and gets hot, not warm, very quickly, always wear flip-flops. Sometimes the staff from hotel build a plastic ponton and it’s great for jumping in the water. However if you want shade and you don’t want the hotel guests, go to the small beach next, that only locals (and now you) now for.


Kolokytha, it is actually in Elounda, a village popular with wealthy guests and it’s around 15 km away from Agios Nikolaos. The beach itself is absoultley gorgeous with cristal clear turqoise water. Many companies organize day trips to Spinalonga and stop here for lunch. That’s why it’s best to come very early or after the massive boats leave the scene. There’s no umbrellas, which is very nice because it look really nice, but because there’s no natural shade it can get hot very fast.


Elounda, has two beaches. Both are very close to each other. if you look from the road the one on the left is full of Greek families having picnic. The one on the right is full of tourists. Personally there are nicer beaches really close so I would recommend skip this two and find prettier beach. Oh, but if you still decide to pay a visit park on the main pier as the parking is free and not super expensive like the one in the center.

Plaka, just five minutes away from Elounda and nicer beaches with incredible view to Spinalonaga are here. One of many village beaches is right next to free parking area at the beginning of the village. This one has shallow water and big pebbles. It’s quite big and you won’t be feeling like a sardine. The main beach, however, is right in the middle of village. Walk down the restaurant street and after the first pack of restaurants you will see it. This one also has pebbles, but the water becomes deeper much faster.


Voulisma, or the golden beach as locals call to it. It is big and beautiful and totally worth 15 minutes of your time to get there by car. There’s a huge parking lot at the beginning, but if you come early enough you can park at the top of the hill, on the other side of the road of Mistral Mare hotel. Go down the stairs and you will find a little less busy part of the beach. There are many umbrellas to rent, but only if you come early. It’s good for swimming, snorkeling and other activities. If you turn to the left about a kilometer earlier you will find another amazing beach, that used to be popular, but because it was destroyed by massive storm not many tourists decide to visit it.





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