Very modern looking store offering most known perfumes at very low prices. I got my 100 mL of D&G Light Blue for 12 eur. I don’t know whether the products are fake or not, but mine smells excatly like the original. Besides perfumes they also have a lot of different (mostly Italian) make-up brands and international skin care. They also offer makeovers, so if you want to glam up for an evening out and don’t want to spend money come here.

5ης Μεραρχίας 15, Ag. Nikolaos 721 00


A little bit less posh looking store offers mostly greek brands. They have a huge assortimant from lipliners, nail care to various (different than omorias) perfumes and toys. I would recommend this one if you are looking for Greek brand based beauty products.


PHARMACY: Gkouma Sofia

Out of all pharmacies I have been to in Greece this one is the best. It’s small, but still has various brands and products. Although they do offer a few make up brands, like Bourjouris Essence and a few others, they specilize in skin care. Head here if you are looking for Korres, Apivita, NUXE, Sheishido and other skin care brands. Also just a heads up, the Greek brands are cheaper here than in official online store.

Kontogianni 26, Ag. Nikolaos 721 00



One of the most touristy shops in the entire town, but I still have to mention it, because has a good selection of nature based Greek brands and products like perfumes, face masks, body butters and face oils.

Roussou Koundourou 36, Ag. Nikolaos



If you are looking for natural ingredience based products you hit the jackpot with visiting this one. Majority of stuff they sell is made in Agios Nikolaos and made traditionaly. They also have some brands that Melissa offers, but are significantly cheaper here.


This is the most charming little store with amazing view to lake. They offer lovely clothes (mostly summer pieces, like light shirts and beach cover ups, but perhaps because is summer and they might switch to autumn appropriate stuff in autumn). and small bags and jewelry. I like this store because the owner has such passion for what she does. For example she wears the designs she is selling and spends a lot of time rearranging and making the store looking perfect. The prices are a bit higher, from 30 to 60 eur but she gives you 10 percent discount, but I think it’s compltly fine spend more on a products that is amazing quality and will always remind you of summer vacation in Greece.

14 N. Plastira Str. Agios Nikolaos 72100, Crete



That’s heaven on earth fro shoe lovers. Their shoes are very high in quality and so are in price. But almost all brands are Greece based and handmade.  The average price for a pair of sandals is around 50 eur. On the first floor they also have a small selection of mostly formal dresses, but also a few racks of day to day pieces.

Sofokli Venizelou 30, Ag. Nikolaos 721 00



Two streets that go from roundabout to port are the main shopping area. The majority of stores are offering the same: olive oil soaps, jewelry, hats, beach accesories and postcards. If you want to get all of that for cheaper head to the street that leads from marina to roundabout. The two street are nice for evening walk.  Many stores have also the same stuff but are cheaper and nicer.



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