Whenever I travel I seek out for the best food that I can find. Often there are complications like something costs too much or the line is too long, but I haven’t had these problems in Greece. I spent the majority of the summer in Agios Nikolaos and enjoyed magnificent Greek food and so I’ll share with you where in this lovely town you can find amazing dishes.

VARDAS: traditional Greek food

It is situated right next to marina and so offers magnificent views. The restaurant is owed by two brothers, they are in their seventies, but still do everything on time. It’s very popular with locals and many of them come and hang at the evening. You would be surprised how many of them offer ice-tea, something you would never see in Slovenia. Anyhow, although they have other things on the menu, I would recommend trying traditional food.Gyros or chicken plate are my favorites, as they are delicious and filling, but still light enough even for dinner.


AL DENTE: pizza

Right next to Vardas and also run by a family, but their specialities are pizzas. Maybe you won’t find classic, but many others are worth trying. My pick: gyros pizza, amaaazing with sour cream on top.



KASTRO: traditional breakfast

We discovered this place by coincidence when mother was searching for some sweets in one of stores along lake. They responded that they do not offer that, but told us for this place. The next day we woke up early and arrived to Kastro at around 9.30. A few Greek families were sitting outside and drinking coffee, we set down and waited. After 10 minutes of being approached by nobody mother went in (we were sitting outside) and ordered. So the deal is that if you want to be served faster, go inside and order there, but if you have no problem waiting a couple minutes you can wait outside and order once approached. the place is run by older couple that speak English and makes everything from scratch. We ordered pancakes, Greek coffee and to finish lukumades. This was the sweet my mom was hunting and it is a piece of pastry dipped in hot honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. Delicious.



PEPO: quick snacks

It is a bakery that is also very popular with locals. They offer different things, but most of it you can buy only to go. We always pick siropita, a pastry filled with cheese and little pie pockets. They are filled with apple sauce andĀ vanilla cream and wrapped in cookie dough, are you already convinced that this is the most amazing thing ever or not?



    • Leonida's says:

      Oh yes they are very nice, but I love their meat. It’s so tender and delicious. Have you ever eaten anything else than gyro from Vardas?


      • kritsayvonne says:

        My husband enjoys their omelette and there is a huge chicken dish that we share, can’t remember what it’s called. Oh well, I’ll just have to visit and find out in September. X


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