Hello my lovely readers,

I promised a second part of the haul and here it is. This one is a mixture of skincare, beauty products and fashion items. If you remember I wrote a list of things that I wanted to get and I think I did pretty good job.

One of the first things I bought was skin care. I visited the local pharmacy I quickly noticed that they offer a veraity of Korres and Apivita products. Once that I had wi-fi connection I checked what they offer on line and how the products work. Very important is that I checked the price. The prices were actually lower in the actual pharmacy than on line and that leaves me guessing the prices on line are higher because they are meant for export. If you are ever in Greece pick these brands in local shops. The next time I was in the pharmacy I picked up the following things. Also I had my eye on Korres shower gel in Santorini Vine and I am quite sad I didn’t pick it. Oh well another thing to add on the list of things that I’ll ask my father to bring me. What All the masks I picked up are part of Apivita’s express beauty, also I bought them in travel sized pouches. They are:

Express beauty with pomegranate, that says to add radiance to the skin, I got this one for those cold winter months when my skin is lacking in natural glow.

Express beauty with sea lavender, this one is supposed to moisture the face and contains antioxidants. I have never heard of sea lavender, but Christina from TheGrecianSquare says that this is a heavy duty one and so I will use it when my skin will be very dry.

Express beauty with pink clay, pink clay is the type of clay that does the job of cleaning the pore but more gentle than normal clay. I have areas with blackheads and this one is going to be perfect for getting rid of them.

Express beauty with green clay, the previous one is gentle and this one isn’t. However also contains aloe, so perhaps it isn’t sooo drying. I quite like heavy and intense masks so I have a feeling I’ll like this one.

I will do a full report on these once I start to use them, but that’s probably going to happen in fall as I don’t want to get rid of the little amount of tan I have on the face, on the body the story is completely different :). The price was approximately 3 eur for one pack.

Only one product I picked from Korres mainly because their stuff is a bit pricier. I got the grapefruit instant brightening mask, that I use under my eyes.  I used this once, but I think I have to use it more times to see if actually works. This one is also in travel size and it was 3,95 eur.


Next on the list were of course beauty products. In the entire town of Agios Nikolaos I didn’t find a drugstore and almost gave up. But then once my mother stopped at this small store that was offering everything from shower gels to random toys. And yes, they also had a small selection of cosmetics. My weak points are lip liners and in my difence the lip liner also looked the best. One is more nude kind of color and one more on the pink side. The nude one is by a brand that previously mentioned Christina talked about and therefore I was convinced that it’s going to be a fine lip liner. All the expectation came true and I think this is going to be very popular and I’ll use it every day. It is very creamy and stays on even after food and drinks. The color is a beaut and although I still have it a lot I already worry that I am going to run out soon. It is by Tommy G (I am so mad that they don’t have a website to see other shades of lip liner, you see the obsession is real) and in the shade number 6. The price is very low for such an amazing product as it is around 2,50 eur. The second purchase didn’t recieve that much attention, so it is actually still in the wrapping. For this brand I haven’t heard and this is MD Professionnel in the shade L025. This is your lips but better color and I am very pleased with the purchase. Again, the price was around 3 eur.

The perfume now. Yes I thought I’ll buy more than just one, but sadly they only had a tester of the one I wanted, so I was left with my trusty D&G Light Blue. This time I was following the quote go big or go home and bought the 100mL version. The name of the store I got it from is O-Morfia and they changed the packaging to a more sophisticated version. It cost me 12 eur and hopefully I won’t use it as quickly as I did last year.


Last, but certanly not least are sunglasses. I was looking for some cheap ones so I don’t feel bad if I destroy it fast. I got just what I wanted and more. I bought the brown ones in the store for 3 eur and in addition to that, my father surprised us with a pair of sunglasses. They are much more sturdy  and are polarized, so I’ll definitely take good care of them. And so these are all the things I picked up, except for a clothing piece that will have its own post as I love it so much.





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