AFRODITA COSMETICS: fast tanning jam review


I have been using this product for a month now and I think it’s time to review this thing. It claimes that helps with your complexion developing a nice tan faster that just lying on the sun. Also states that precious oils give skin extra moisture. That is what says on the products, but did all these things come true in my case?

Not really, I used it once a day just after I applied sunscream. Although it is a dry oil it didn’t sink in the skin and just stayed on top of it. That wasn’t what I wanted, beacause every time I touched something I left an oil mark. And it stayed on my skin forever, not even lukewarm water couldn’t remove this. Also, I think you have to be really persistent with applying the product and after a few days of applying it I was too bored and oily to put it on again. Now on the good stuff, the smell is divine.  The part of the name is jam and for me smells like apricot jam mixed with a little bit of coconut. The coconut luckily isn’t too heavy as I don’t like anything that says coconut. It stick around for a long time, so you can use it as your beach perfume. It also contains glitter, which is the right size and not too noticeably once you massage it in the skin.

The conclusion: I think this is the right product for one that likes to take time to apply all sorts of stuff to the skin before heading for a swim, I am not that person, I jump in the water as quickly as I see it. I don’t know how much faster I tanned, because I was on the beach for a month and I think I would get tanned even without using the jam. I will try it again, on a sunny day to see if I am more tanned that I was before. I appreciate the glitter and the smell, but all in all this product isn’t for me. I know that the more creamy version exist and perhaps one day I will give it a go. 4 out of 10 definitely isn’t something that I am willing to spend 10 eur on so I won’t repurchase it.




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