It’s summertime and many of us has time to do what we want. For me TV shows are something I very much enjoy, but during the school year I don’t have the time to watch them all. If you are like me, having free time and enjoying TV shows then this post is for you. I don’t find the right show right away, it takes time, but now I am successfully found 5 shows that I really like.

1.Hawaii five-O

This is a show that is very dynamic and has a lot going on at all times. It is slightly on violent side, but the funny parts outweigh all of that. The title of the show is the name of the task force that consists of 4 main cops and many not permanent. Also this one is for those who fear that will watch the series too quickly, as it has 6 seasons and each season has around 23 parts.



2. Suits

A brilliant minded ex-law student that is now weed seller becomes the intern and later on one of the best lawyers in New York. Harvey Specter (the one that hires his) knows that he doesn’t have a degree, but hires him anyway. We follow the journey of Mike Ross and how he covers the fact that didn’t attend Harvard. It is very funny and interesting and although there are many lawyers talk to other lawyers in their special language it doesn’t get boring. I actually didn’t watch all the seasons and am currently on third season.



3. Empire

Amazing music and very complicated story line are the most important part of the show. We follow the Lyon family, how they started and where are they now. The shows starts with Lucious Lyon (the owner of the music label) realizing he has a deathly disease and prepares a competition for three sons, the prize is the company. However there are others that want the company and the battle is on.



4. Wonderland

The first of two Australian shows that I will present. A group of friends live in a house in a beautiful location (I think that they live on the edge of Bondi beach)  and we follow each persons life. It is very optimistic and a little bit unrealisticly set, but funny and lightweight. The show makes me want to move to Australia as soon as possible, with the amazing weather, surroundings and nice people.



5. Winners and losers

Again very light, four friend win a lotto and every one has it’s own way to spend the money. But as the season goes on we quickly see that their lives aren’t as pretty and lucky as it seams. I found this one has the least action of all and therefore I usually watch it while I am doing something.



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