Sadly all vacations come to an end and so did mine. But while I was there I manage to pick up some goodies that will make my life a little bit more sweet and will remind me of an absolute amazing vacation on Crete. This is the first part and consists of food only, so prepare a piece of paper and a pen and write down what to pick the next time that you are visiting Greece.

1.Pita bread. Two simple words that represent the most amazing bread I ever eaten. Every time that we went on a dinner I ordered this type of bread and let me tell you it goes amazing with grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes and tzaziki sauce.

2.Soft nugat or turkish honey as we call it in Slovenia. It tastes similar to a Spanish turron, the soft one, however it is sweeter and stickier. I love this as an after lunch treat and will always remind me of me and my brother going mad for these in the store-the sales women had a really good time laughing at us for buying massive amounts of these.

3. While I was browsing the snack selection I came across these flapjack nutrition bars. They seem really tasty and nice, so I picked them. At 1,60 euro a pop weren’t the cheapest, but i plan on cutting these in smaller sizes and always having one in my bag, just in case if the hunger strikes. I will report to you how they taste as soon as i try them.

4. Carob cookie. Actually we were given these as a part of airplane meal and I saved it for later in the day. Also I managed to get more of these and thank God I did because they are absolutely amazing. The carob tastes like chocolate, but is in fact a lot healthier. I will for sure order my father to bring me more of these or find a way to eat them here.



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