I often make myself a little pamper session after I come home from a trip. This helps from feeling awful and sad that vacation is over and job/school will start soon.

My first step is getting under a hot, long shower that works as the best relaxing thing ever. Even if I am not very sweaty, I use my favorite shower gel, that is actually running low-I guess a trip to Yves Rocher is needed, by a gorgeous french brand Yves Rocher. I first received a sample size as a Christmas gift and after using that in no time it was time to invest in heavy duty size. I have a 400 mL for the past four months and you really don’t need a lot of gel. So I would say it is worth the price, it was around 7 eur if I remember correctly. A sweet, but not sickly scent of Yellow Peach is an ultimate relaxer and I am going to try more products.


After I come out of the shower I apply the face peeling I bought in duty free last year and it’s still going strong.  It is by Greek brand Olive’s Secret and contains  organic olive oil and olive kernels.It doesn’t do much, but I still like to use it to get rid of dead skin cells. I leave it on my face only for around 5 minutes and then gently wash it off.


The next step is moisturizing mask. I use the CV peel off mask. My skin had changed a lot, I used to have really oily skin, but now in dry air gets quite dry. I leave it on my face for as long as I want, usually 20 minutes to half an hour is enough. I wash it off with warm water and continue with penultimate step.


A brightening mask, made by Korres, is a recent purchase, but I use it a lot. Contains grapefruit and it’s supposed to brighten skin immediately. My entire face doesn’t need much brightening, so I only apply it under my skin as I think it helps with dark circles.


After all masks are washed off and my body feels relaxed I put on face cream. Depends on my skin condition and my mood I choose between almond oil and this new purchased face cream called 24-hour face cream by Bio Aroma.


I always feel nicer and more relaxed after this routine and what follows is jumping in the bed under a warm duvet and a nice series to watch on my computer. Do you also have a pamper routine? When do you do it?



2 thoughts on “PAMPER ROUTINE

    • Leonida's says:

      Really, well some or them are a local pick, but they are definitely worh trying. Oh, and I completly agree with your routine and am looking forward to buy some product from The Body Shop as this is the brand that is on my wishlist for a long time.

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