Firstly, this is probably the longest title I ever wrote and probably will. And now on to the subject, we all been there were you bought a plant and then magically forgot about it and three months later saw it all rotten or dried. I found myself too many times in the position where I had to buy new plants (which isn’t very cheap) or live without any greenery. The later wasn’t an option and so I did some research and found these plants, that still live and will live at yours place too.

One that I didn’t include is cactus, the plant that you almost can’t kill. But I am not very fond of cacti and i don’t like having them so therefore they are out of the list. If you think that you have a super power to kill every single plant out there, caci would be a good idea.

Sanseviera and a plant that is probably more known Mother-in-Law-Tongue. his one is perfect if you live in apartment with very dry air. The heath and sun doesn’t bother the plant and you only have to water the plant once in a while. snake-plant-500x500-1

Yucca plant, while I was researching I also came across this one. In Slovene this is often called the tree of life. Possibly because doesn’t die. You can put it anywhere, in the shade or direct sun, and will live happily. Also for people that forget about watering plants (aka me) good news, you only have to water this one once every week or two.


Dracaena, or dragon plant, can live in almost all conditions. Whether you live in a cooler climate or in hot one, this dragon can survive all (15-30 degrees celsius). The only thing that you can’t do is overwater it. If you let the plant to sit in the water, it will rot very fast. dracaena_marginata200286

Zamia, the last on the list, but just as easy to take care of as are others. Very similar to dracaena can survive in temperatures from 15 to 30 degrees. You can have it in dry air or humid one, this one just won’t die. The only time that you will have to actually water this one is in the summer or whenever the plant is in growing stadium. zamija

I hope this list of plants was useful to read and I wish you all the best regarding your plants. Did you find this post interesting and want me to make more like this?


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