Neutral colors are everywhere. I understand that this is one of the biggest trends right now, but once in a while is nice to put on some color and for those occasions there are 5 things that might help you. 

1. Pick a color that suits you. This is super important because you will hate to put on color again if you hated the outfit with a color item in it. My biggest tip is choose color that is similar to your eye color. Almost every time this will work just fine.

2. Wear the color item on body part that you feel best about. If you want to show flat belly then go for colored top or if you want to show off your legs go for shorts or maxi skirt in lovely bright color. 

3.Don’t mix colors. At least at the beginning. It is very important that you still feel comortable and that one neutral piece will add you the needed comfort. Once you feel as confident in color as you do in neutrals of course mix the colors.

4.If you want to try adding colorful pieces in your wardrobe but simply cannot enjoy in lovely colorful tops add a bright and bold accesorize. For example all black outfit will act as much more stylish if you add bright red pumps.

5. When you first start to wear color do it at home. This is your comfort zone and if won’t feel unpleasant wear a piece that you wouldn’t go out in. 

Those are my tips for people that mostly wear only neutrals, to clarify that for me means black, white and grey, but want to start incorporating new colors to outfits. If you are one of these and want to change that, then do try these tips and let me know if they worked.


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