Or in other words how to achieve a maximum glow. Let start with drinking a lot of water. This will add a lot of moisture to the skin and make it more firm and glowy. Now let’s get to the steps I repeat daily. 

1. I make myself a refreshing mask made out of yogurt. I described why and how I use it in a blog post I posted about a week ago. 

2. I wash my face with a special cleanser that will add glow to the skin. I will make a proper review on this particular product very soon.

3. Next up is good moisturizer. I leave it on the skin so it sinks in and countinue with the process.

4. Now it’s time for a bit of bronzer. I apply it all over the face and altough is a matte one prepares the skin really nice.

5. Final steps are the highlighters. Funny enough none of my products that I use as a highlighter isn’t a highlighter. I spread my dry oil that is ment to add a bit of bronze color all over the highlight points and I top it off with the Kiko eyeshadow ina beautiful golden shade. 

So that’s it for the max glow. Key points are having moisturized skin and having a good highlighter. Food and the amount of water will also effect the level of glow. 


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