Currently it is our third week here on Crete and I made some observation. Please keep in mind that this things don’t go for every single person on Crete, but I have noticed so many that I thought I would share them with you. If you are Greek or you know any Greek people please let me know whether the obervations are true or not.


Greeks are not bad drivers. They go to very steep slopes without any problem and move far on the right when you are trying to overspeed them. However sometimes it’s best to give them the space they want/need. It seems to me that the Mercedezes are reserved for taxies as I haven’t seen a single taxi not being a Mercedez. My father says that a true Greek is not driving without a cigarette in one hand, telephone between ear and shoulder and coffee between legs. That might be a bit extreme, but it is for sure on the right track as I have never seen so many people doing at least two of these things and drive at once. Also, everyone ows a little scotter or motorbike and it is not rare to see a whole family on a single motorbike. To that I have to add that they always wear helmet and have a very low rate of accidents. 


They sure do love their coffee and drink up to 4 cups a day. But drinking coffee is more that just that, it is also a social event where the man from different families hang out outside the shops. My father calls the more popular coffee shops that have people in fron of the entire day a parliament. They discuss all sorts of things, but it is very rare that any women will be near. 


Again for many Greeks swimming is a social event. They come to local beaches in small or big groups and chat in the water. They always know where the water is the warmest and stay there. 


Eveything is very safe. Everyone leaves their house open and often leave car keys in the car while they go and shop. Perhaps that’s why everybody has a dog. If not everyone than their neighbour must have two or five in our case.  Don’t ask me why so many, for me that is still a mistery.

The last thing I want to mention is their frendliness. Once we were on the beach and our phone died and older lady came close and asked if we need help. That wasn’t just this lady almost everyone is nice and always prepared to help. While on the subject of beach, amost all public beaches have sunbeds and umbrellas that you need to pay in order to use them. One tip, if you come after 6 in the afternoon the beds and umbrellas are free. 

So, what do you think about my list? Did I miss anything? 


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