If you are planning a trip to Greek island of Crete this is one thing that you have to know about. Meltemi is the name of strong wind that blows in powerful gusts, mostly blows in the summer. It is both a life saviour, in the cretan heath where the temperatures easily go over 40 degrees celsium,and something that might cause problems. Knowing the wind is very important especially when you are deciding which beach visit. When meltemi is strong the water in mayority of small bays is clear, but the water will spritz everywhere so the situation isn’t the best for those who want to swim. In addition the sand and other light things fly around the air. But meltemi is also helpful because whenever there is no wind the water becomes dirty and full of trash from open sea. 

All those things said it is very hard to actually tell where the wind will blow and with what power. Things changes in matter of 50 meters. Still the best thing you can do is ask a local where is a beach with less wind and they usually know this stuff. 

Another thing, if you see clouds on the western part of the sky that doesn’t mean rain, but very strong wind in the next 24 hours.

Hopefully this post will help those who are in preparation of itinerary for Crete and those who don’t, well you know a little something that might be helpful one day. 


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